Mind if I Join You?

In an overcrowded sphere inundated with inspiration e v e r y w h e r e... I too now lend my voice. Perhaps in between the oft interrupted syncopated rhythm of life, you also find yourself intermittently malnourished; though immersed in song, surrounded by people, quotes, verse, pics, memes, sermons and prose. Mind if [...]

DEAR MIRACLES | Love Letter to Our Children

I surprised her with blue hair in honor of #AlopeciaAwareness for their final concert last night & let her wear a lil' makeup for the occasion. I watched him getting dressed, whistling chord changes while buttoning his shirt and adjusting his locs now past his shoulders.  Being married to a musician for 19 1/2 yrs, [...]

Spreading Kindness Around The World With The Peyton Heart Project


If you’re new here…. #SuicidePrevention is a major burden of mine! Please read the post below about one of my favorite movements: The Peyton Heart Project

Adventures Of A 30 Something, Single, Nurse Who Just Needed A Damn Vacation.

How I found a way to travel with purpose:

The first time I found out about the Peyton Heart Project was in December of 2015. I was in Honolulu, HI with one of my friends, Jen, waiting to go on a 7 day Hawaiian Islands cruise! We had a couple days to explore Honolulu and decided to take a trip to the zoo. As we were walking up to see the tiger Jen pointed out something hanging from a vine. I picked it up and it had a message of Kindness on it and #peytonheartproject.We looked it up and read the story of a 13 year old boy namedPeyton James. While growing up in Texas, Peyton was constantly bullied over many years. As you can imagine, this took a toll on him and he ended up losing his life to suicide in 2014. It was a devastatingly…

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AGAIN | Raw Poetic Response & Reflection

AGAIN Cheat on me again Ignore me again Choose her over me again Disrespect me again Yell at me again Don't buy me anything again Don't introduce me again  Choose them over me again  Lie to me again  Don't call when you say you will again Don't come when you say you will again Copy [...]

MEET IG POET @lotusheart.romanisoul #WriterCrushSeries

Ilona ( pronounced "Ee-loh-nuh") is by far one of the most thoughtful people in our Instagram Poet community. She makes sure we remain a cyber family by looking out for the poet behind each poem. Be it health issues, life changes or an extended absence; Ilona reaches out to everyone. In addition to being considerate, [...]

MEET IG POET @the_artful_cp #WriterCrushSeries

I have been blessed to see different facets of her poetry unfold. There is a sincerity laced within her persona that finds its way into her writing. Even the pieces which speak of yearning and unrequited love are gentle. Inviting. Believable. Relatable. In her own words… If you were to ask Celine to describe herself, she would tell you [...]

MEET IG POET @SOULSCAPE73 #WriterCrushSeries

It is my pleasure to introduce my Authenticitee Speaks audience to an absolute gem. I visit Tialila Kikon's Instagram page frequently for several reasons. It is peaceful, aesthetically pleasing and her writing is second to none. I enjoy interacting with her and admire her ability to say so much in so few words. Grace personified, [...]

Struggles and Stability

This piece below was written by fellow blogger Staci and it really spoke to me. I could feel it feeding me. And so I share healing as it finds me…there is no other way.

Be healed…e

A God Colored Girl in a Grey World

“I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise”.
Way back about 18 years ago (more or less) someone told me that the struggles I was going through were necessary for my growth. In order to be stable and have a firm foundation, I needed to go through them. At the time I hated it. I was an emotional wreck, constantly questioning myself, my thoughts, my faith, my feelings… I used to be run by my feelings, but have since learned that life can’t be lived that way. Oftentimes feelings blind and deceive.
I recently came upon the above quote in the book of Isaiah. it speaks of the rebuilding of a city with precious stones, such as stones of turquoise. Turquoise has been known to symbolize wholeness, spiritual grounding and emotional balance.
I believe my friend was right. I’ve gone through a lot, but it really has served me well…

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***TRIGGER WARNING*** THAT WASN'T LOVE Dear Journal, I didn't know it was a trigger until it demobilized me. Thoughts of doubt, insecurity, shame and feeling unwanted chased me down the hallways of my already cluttered mind. I didn't know it wasn't love because I never thought about it not being Love. It was just...yeah.  Fast [...]


​​ Uncut Video Below: Be encouraged & PLEASE encourage another!!! Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mommy! Thank you for your incredible support of every facet of who I am, strive to be and never want to be again! ​ WHEN MOTHER'S DAY ISN'T SO HAPPY Background song via B Slade - God Has Not [...]

This Is Not My Brooklyn

Ahh..now this?! This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite vintage pieces written by Vanessa Martir. I remember when it was a featured piece on WordPress a couple of years ago!

As a native New Yorker…born and reared in Brooklyn it speaks to me on so many levels.

So SURPRISE this one is for you MOMMY!

Yep…my MOMMY reads EVERY single post and then emails me about it. From my grown woman poetry to every interview or featured poet. (My parents were also born and reared in Brooklyn and Bushwick is where my late Dad is buried).

So MOMMY meet Vanessa…she is fire personified. Just like you…my FIRST Shero. Happy early Mother’s Day! I love you and miss you with my every thing.

(Insert nickname only you can call me)

Everyone else…. ENJOY!

Vanessa Martir's Blog

http://www.egotripland.com/brooklyn-wallpaper-beastie-boys-mike-d/ http://www.egotripland.com/brooklyn-wallpaper-beastie-boys-mike-d/

I say, “I’m from Brooklyn” like there’s a grenade exploding from my mouth.

I walk different after saying it. My step is a little harder, my shoulders more square, nose held higher in the air. It’s a momentary self-assuredness that follows me for a spell.

I feel it rise into my jaw when I see her approach across the water as I’m crossing the Williamsburg Bridge; when the train doors close on First Avenue and the L snakes under the East River.

The thing is, the Brooklyn I’m from isn’t the Brooklyn of today. It’s not that funky Brooklyn that I keep in my back pocket in case somebody tries it. (You don’t wanna mess with a girl from 1980s Bushwick.)

My Brooklyn is the Brooklyn of the Domino sugar factory and rubble and crack. Nostalgia can be a confusing thing. It isn’t always for the neat and pristine…

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