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The Truth about Suicide

A Sista After My Own Heart…

Deez Knapz

1. Suicide can affect anyone’s family. I thought I was exempt from this and no one in my family would ever commit suicide but boy boy boy was I absolutely wrong. You see these stories on the news and you never think that anyone in your family would do this, until you get that phone call and realize that your family isn’t invincible.

2. Suicide is a permanent way out for the individual who is dealing with a problem (which could be temporary but seems very permanent to them). I have thought and contemplated about suicide but thank God I didn’t do it because after watching my family go through losing my cousin, I’ve realized that I would not only hurt me but them too.

3. When people commit suicide they often think that no one is there for them or they don’t want to burden others with their problems…

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