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Don’t Lose Your Virginity On The Morning of Your Wedding!


Pardon the broken vernacular but a lot of us don’t know how to wait for SQUAT. Nothing. Nada. Zip. NO matter how small the temptation or great the reward is if we wait, we want it NOW.

So the guy you been feelin’ has finally showed you some attention. God forbid the man has all his teeth, health benefits and no kids. You done hit the jackpot HONTY! You went from exchanging glances to exchanging numbers. Within 24 hours, you’ve decided if you want to keep your last name or hyphenate. “Yea Lawd my Boaz is HERE“.

Why can’t we wait?! Pace ourselves? Let things play out. There is no air of mystery anymore. You already see what they’re “working with” because of countless selfies taken in the bathroom or at the gym. The predictable “reserved” selfies are taken in the front seats of cars (who knew seat belts could be so sexy?!). Hmm guess there’s something ’bout sunlight on a beat face (urban term that denotes flawless makeup for those who just panicked) or a 5 o’clock shadow laying just right. What we see skews our vision and to think they’re ONLY showing us what they want us to see!

I mean who posts bad pics of themselves?? Anytime your New Years resolution is to actually look like your avatar…you’re already dabbling in false representation, ok?

Please, I know if I crop my pictures anymore, only the pupil of my eye will be showing Eyes.

Talk amongst yourselves…

Sometimes we don’t realize how close we are to daybreak. We tend to endure challenging situations only to give up right before change takes place! Temptation is everywhere. The temptation to do what you’ll regret or the temptation to not do anything at all. The temptation to give up or the temptation to give in. Matters not and no one is exempt. So no matter what you’re wrestling with or which goal you’re reaching for…

Be it weight loss, saving money, trying not to sweat your crush (easier said than done, ’cause the man is all manner of FINE), breaking a bad habit or saving yourself for marriage…YOU AND WHAT YOU’VE WORKED FOR ARE WORTH THE WAIT!

Dont lose your virginity on the morning of your wedding!




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