I’m Glad You Like My Perfume (But I Wore It For Him)

I’m Glad You Like My Perfume (But I Wore It For Him)

In my semi autobiographical post Barbra, Bob and Black Gospel I referenced my immense love for the Yentl soundtrack. As a singer songwriter, I’m a musical lexophile by nature with an insatiable appetite for creative genius, witticism and well written lyrics! Though I adore all the songs on the soundtrack, Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way” has been on my mind here of late.

“Look at how he looks at her
Will someone ever look at me that way…”

The opening line. Simple but profound. Here’s a woman loving a man who loves another woman. She’s smitten by him and fascinated as she eyes his eyes, admiring who he admires. He desires to make a great impression on the one he loves by selecting his words and  fashioning himself with great care. He wants to be attractive, to who he’s attracted to and yet he attracts another.

Have you ever been there? The place where your perfume or cologne was applied with one in mind. That fresh shave, power tie or shade of lipstick and new heels a mile high are worn for them. You position yourself to run into them (by happenstance of course) only for them to look at you…but not see you. They hear your well rehearsed special greeting tailor made just for them but don’t adhere. Disappointed that they’re oblivious to your hint, incapable of detecting your scent, your countenance begins to cower; not realizing you’ve attracted another

So it is with the enlarging of your territory and the broadening of your horizons. As your perception sharpens, you climb higher, and your light shines brighter, you notice the presence of those you never extended an invitation to.

We must be alert to what we attract and be ready to discern who’s really for us. Our inability to do so can lead to sabotage from within the walls of our well crafted fort. Discerning the difference between a heartfelt supporter and obsessive fan.   Sorting through the junk mail and spam of life making room for the valid offers that deserve your consideration. You held up the light and attracted flies. You didn’t mean to but you did.

They’re here

Now what?

You tell me

Peel back the layers

What do you see?

© Ericka Arthur and authenticitee2015
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    1. Hi Ro! I’ve been trying to figure out how to follow your blog to no avail! But I did enjoy what I read so far…just wanted you to know. Be blessed…e


    1. Omgoodness wait!!!! Can I just tell you that Spookyvision episode was the LAST South Park episode I tuned into LOL!!!! When they put her face in each corner of the TV as a scary cam frame I almost fainted in slow motion! I gasped AND clutched the pearls!!!! Lolol!!! Oh I haven’t thought about that in years!

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