Portraits of Love – Kevin

My husband is featured in Part 2 of this multimedia series documenting our 17 yrs of marriage & 21 yrs of friendship! Special thank you to April Peters of femmesfaithful.com for doing a beautiful job! This was my first time seeing Kevin’s interview too☺️

Femmes Faithful

Portraits of Love – Kevin from April Peters on Vimeo.

Portraits of Love, the Femmes Faithful multimedia series, include blog posts and video interviews of Kevin + Ericka Arthur. One couple. Married 17 years. Answering 12 questions. Watch and listen as Kevin weighs in on his love for Ericka.

Femmes Faithful sat down to interview the Arthurs and hopefully get beyond the fluff that magazine cover lines would lead you to believe is life-changing, to discover what really (on the real) makes a marriage endure. Get to know the couple and what started the series in Love: Not A Game…But A Lifetime.

BTW, the couple has NO idea what the other said in these interviews, so each post will be like unwrapping a gift!

What’s the most important trait you cherish in a spouse? Share in the comments below.

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