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Owning Our Stripes

Multitasking as usual. Phone in hand. To do lists nearby half done. Stillness. Daybreak peering over my shoulder. Warm and inviting.

Like a whiny toddler tugging on the hem of my garment trying to get my attention when busy, I ignore the sun.

It’s morning. It’s quiet and for a fleeting moment…there’s peace.

The two mustn’t be confused. Peace is the absence of conflict while quiet can mask apathy.

I turn to see what my blinds conceal and see what the Son sees when He looks at me. His light. It washes over me.

Today is rare and beautiful. Unseen before, it feels amazing. I lift my phone to capture the sun but the lens is facing me…

Tiger Stripes.

I’ve never seen that before. At least not on my face. I snap one picture and the stripes of light from hairline to chin are bold yet silently speaking volumes like my eyes do every day.

So this is me

All natural

No filter

Hair in bun

No makeup


Beauty marks

Uneven skin tone

Sparse brows

Short lashes


Bags under, holding dark circles accountable for sleepless nights gone by

Faint, slightly dry pink smile

Cushioned by deeply embedded

Laugh lines

And brand new stripes…

Owning my imperfections as the sun

Overlays me with brush in hand

And kind broad strokes of light

Peeking through with a seal of empowerment

On my bare canvas

When did life without concealer and flaws on display become sooooo unattractive?


Symbolic of something that was surely meant to be hidden…

Used as leverage

Held for ransom

My new stripes interrupt my self absorbed rant with thoughts of you…


Good morning Beloved

I see your stripes

You are beautiful

You are handsome

You are strong

You are smart

You are needed

You have value

I speak words of life as a reminder that

You have outlasted

What tried to overtake you

I hereby crown you Survivor

You matter

So not only choose to live

Decide to thrive


A brand new day with brand new mercies

We don’t have to borrow anything from yesterday

Not even the air we breathe

It’s all new

Yes brand new


No filter

Liberated by dawn

Serenaded by daybreak

Owning our unique stripes

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14 thoughts on “Owning Our Stripes Leave a comment

    • Humbled & honored sis! I probably could never get that to happen ever again if I tried. So bizarre how the stripes of light appeared. I only took the one pic in order to keep it honest. Thanks so much. Healing balm to all who read/hear🙏


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