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MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!  Blogging U. Writing 101 Day 3


Assignment: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?
As a new blogger, I’m thoroughly enjoying my first WordPress Blogging University class! I was relieved to see the topic for today’s writing assignment!  Music? I can do that. It’s in my blood, it’s in my genes and I live in a musical household! My husband of 17 yrs, Musician/Producer Kevin Arthur, just released his Debut CD MERGE last week and our children sing all the time like me! However, they are learning to play instruments, thankfully, like their dad! Though I think it’s cool that they are able to play by ear and pick up songs easily, I’m relieved that my husband can read music & teach them music theory. Musicians speak in a language all their own that I am smitten with and admire immensely!
My late father died when he was only 34 yrs old. He was a NYC Commodities Broker by day but an incredible singer and Renaissance man on nights and weekends! On Sundays after church, he would allow my brother and I to spend our allowance on 33 1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl records at the historic Jimmy’s Music World record store in lower Manhattan!  As a result of his teaching and leading by example, I love all genres of music and can appreciate all styles. Even styles of music some would be surprised that I love. (You can read more about that in my piece Barbra, Bob, & Black Gospel!) Wow! That memory of Sunday afternoons gone by just brought tears to my eyes. Love and miss you with a ferocious appetite Daddy! Thank you for giving me the timeless gift of music❤️
Music. Too much of it is swirling around in my head! Even as you and I engage…I’m thinking it’s impossible to narrow this selection down to the three most important songs in my life!
Hence the challenge! So here goes nothing….

Hence the challenge! So here goes nothing….

Song # 1: My Tribute (To God be the Glorywritten by the late great Andráe Crouch.

The song is not only an anthem it’s been included in Hymnals across the world. It clearly expresses my gratitude to God and is a gentle reminder for me to acknowledge Him with every blessing.

Song #2: Changed written by the late great Walter Hawkins.

This song is special to me not only because of my personal convictions; it was the first and last duet my Dad & I ever performed together in public. This song was the finale at his last concert, a few months before he died. I was his surprise guest and when he invited his “special lady” to the stage, the crowd began to murmur! They said “Oh we didn’t know his wife sang too!” They gasped when they realized it was a 7 yr old me joining him on the last song. My aunt, his only sister sat in too, playing piano. Awesomeness.

So…I would have to say there’s really no way to top my first two songs or realistically list a 3rd song. It would be a stretch and inauthentic for me to do so. So I won’t. I will instead use the trump card of poetic license and submit to you an avant-garde symbolic piece that’s still being written.

I am that last song. 

Everything that I’ve ever been through, outlived and survived has become the soundtrack of who I am today…authenticitee…inspiration without the other stuff.

Praying you enjoyed reading about this journey as much as I’ve enjoyed taking it.

One love,


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18 thoughts on “MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!  Blogging U. Writing 101 Day 3 Leave a comment

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know the songs you chose and my old computer doesn’t play anything for me. But I can totally relate with your love of music and more than totally agree that a father’s influence is immense (and know what it’s like to miss him).
    Good luck blogging! (It’s great :-)).

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    • Thank you so much for pointing that out!! I just added You Tube video hyperlinks to the two songs I listed in the blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, provide feedback and encourage me. I’m grateful!


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  2. I can’t watch them at work, but I will certainly view them this evening. Music is what makes this world worth living. Thanks for sharing your influences.

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  3. It would’ve been cool if my parents knew how to play a musical instrument. I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar thought it might be a bit of an effort (I’m a left-handed girl). Your children are lucky to have someone teaching them. The Philippines love music specially singing that you will find a karaoke machine in most celebrations. I pushed myself before to join a church choir and I was able to improve on my singing not to mention finding out that I was a soprano 2. I haven’t heard of the songs you chose but I will definitely check it out! 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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    • So very nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing your story with me! That’s so interesting that you’d find a karaoke machine at most celebrations. I hope you enjoy the songs and it was my pleasure to visit your blog!



    • Thank you for that Russell. I’m grateful and the writing assignment helped me to connect the dots even more! Appreciate your stopping by!

      Abundant blessings,


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  4. The impact parents have on their children, especially music-related, is just incredible. I think this one of the greatest gifts parents can give because it completely enriches their kids’ lives. Great post!

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