WHAT I THINK I CAN DO vs WHAT I CAN ACTUALLY DO (Day 7 Writing 101 – Blogging Univ.)


What I Think I Can Do vs What I Can Actually Do

(Day 7 – Writing 101 – Blogging Univ.)
The mind is a powerful thing. It has the ability to remember everything or absolutely nothing. For some reason my mind takes great pleasure in convincing me that I’m able to imitate Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez’s dance moves to a T. Er umm ahhh (clears throat) only as a form of exercise (of course) and at the disapproval of the floor beneath my wings.

Proverbial wings that is. As in my floor wishing I was as light as a feather! There’s a song Beyoncé sings called Get Me Bodied. The beat is so catchy, the song was selected to be rewritten as a kids version for 1st Lady Michelle Obama’s Move Your Body healthy school initiative. I LOVED the video! I hope you enjoy my work as Beyoncé’s body double!


Huh? Why is you laughin’ so hard tho?!

Humph! ANYwaaaay….

I overheard a conversation between What I Think I Can Do(THINK) and What I Can Actually Do (ACTUALLY). THINK had her eyes wide shut so she didn’t notice ACTUALLY masquerading as her mirror.

Smug, obnoxious snickering unravels from ACTUALLY’s mouth as quickly as the top of THINK’s pants unravel, landing below tier two of her tummy.

ACTUALLY: LOL!! At it again are we?!

THINK: (panting & slightly dizzy) I know not of what you speak!

ACTUALLY: Give it up already! We go through this every time you watch an episode of So You Think You Can Dance!

THINK: (wheezing, backin’ that thang up while looking for her inhaler) Excuse me?! (Rolls eyes) I have rhythm and tons of it Sweetie!

ACTUALLY: Okay I’ll give you that. You definitely have rhythm but you’re a little… um how do you say…a wee bit out of shape! You don’t quite look like who you’re imitating.

THINK: Did you just call me FAT?! (as the sudden sharp pain in her left ankle causes her right eye to twitch) I’ll have you know I am fluffy… And the clinical term is ‘Calorically Challenged‘, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


Back and forth…every day. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol! I excuse myself from their presence…and make my way to the ah…umm…how do you say…

Nearest Urgent Care Center!

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