Mind If I Join You?

Soooo many new faces since my journey started Jan. 2015 & I’m SO glad you’re here!!

authenticitee has been blessed to receive incredible love and recognition but is now a newly declared Award Free Blog (http://wp.me/p5ySTq-7y)!


No judging you. No judging me. Everyone is welcome and every voice matters.

Here’s why I write…

authenticitee speaks

In an overcrowded sphere inundated with inspiration e v e r y w h e r e…

I too now lend my voice.

Perhaps in between the oft interrupted syncopated rhythm of life, you also find yourself intermittently malnourished; though immersed in song, surrounded by people, quotes, verse, pics, memes, sermons and prose.

Mind if I Join You?

We’ll sit and talk transiently. Laugh. Cry. Pray. Daydream…all in no particular order of course. We’ll dance in between rain drops and seek shelter under the shadow of the Almighty. I’ll be brazenly assertive at times (hence the caps) with much to say about matters embedded in my heart; while whispering encrypted messages of hope on other days; hoping you…don’t notice me at all. I’m here now and it’d be cool if you decided to stay awhile. I’ll speak from experience, keenly aware it doesn’t always convey expertise. I’ll share authentically as the Holy Spirit…

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    1. Hi! So glad you’re here. I haven’t always gotten it right. Through God’s grace over the years I’ve learned how to still be passionate and not be judgmental. Not perfected by any means, I just really care about the well being of others more than my opinion now.

      Thank you so much for your kindness!


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