OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES!Blogging Univ. Writing 101 Day 12


Ah kid’s say the darnedest things don’t they? When first born, they’re so cute, and seemingly innocent! Such as this adorable bundle of joy pictured above! Just breathtaking!

That is until you’re gasping for air because of something they’ve said that made you want to crawl underneath the nearest chair and hide!

My mom said I had a knack for such moments (je vous demande pardon)! That’s Google French for ‘I beg your pardon’ by the way. So on this particular sunny Sunday afternoon, I was so proud of the tooth I had lost and the shiny new quarter I got in return. I was six years old and becoming a big girl!

Mommy stood outside of the church after service talking to *Deacon Bartholomew. They were going on and on about how glorious a day it was! Well when he smiled a huge toothless grin, I thought it only fitting to ask, “Deacon Bartholomew! Did the tooth fairy come to you too last night?!”

All the earth grew still. It was so quiet you could hear a rat pee on cotton. My mother turned around in slow motion like the girl in the movie The Exorcist. She gave me the ‘Big Momma, what did you say out your face little girl?! Lord take me now!’ side eye. The Deacon’s face went from, “Hip Hip Hallelujah!” to the Scooby Doo “Uh oh” with the quickness! Their Holy laughter became a combination of Charlie Brown’s teacher with your blind date having a a red oily zit on the tip of their nose and spinach in their teeth kinda awkward.

Needless to say when my mother finally picked her jaw up off her chest and brought her eyebrows down from the back of her head, she begged his pardon and not in French may I add.

Though she gave me a firm talking to on the way home, she was loving as always. Now that I’m a parent and have experienced similar situations it’s fair to say she may have had a few ‘pardon my French Lord’ moments in her head!

Oh and Deacon Bartholomew? He still continued to be as friendly as ever after that! Though I can’t say I remember him smiling at me anymore…

Would you?😉

©Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ericka Arthur and authenticitee with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

**Photo Credit Wallspick. No copyright infringement intended.


      1. All my give to you, do not grieve for the fate
        Jan Bales Bales
        Gently so you call, and in the dream and in reality
        Jan Bales Bales
        How not to lose the love, many do not understand
        Jan Bales Bales
        Let love not the weather, it will give soul for
        Jan Bales Bales

        Who made you so, not winter beauty
        Jan Bales Bales
        That you are born to live, the beauty of surprise
        Jan Bales Bales

        I gave love and flower rozbudil
        Jan Bales Bales
        I adore you, and thank you to say
        Jan Bales Bales
        My strong hands, shoulders, your fragile
        Jan Bales Bales
        Like a stone wall, for mine you back
        Jan Bales Bales

        For two love one, we drink it to the dregs
        Jan Bales Bales
        Mila know I believe, to all my drops
        Jan Bales Bales

        Not rozluchny we’re a long time arguing with destiny
        Jan Bales Bales
        Pure heart say I LOVE YOU I give
        Jan Bales Bales

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      2. Oh I how beautiful! Thank you so much! There’s a few phrases I still don’t understand but am clear on the message. I hope everyone reading this, whether they comment or not will take a moment & enjoy this piece!!!



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    1. Lol! You are so right about that smh! Even as adults right?!

      I’m born & reared in Brooklyn NY but my grandparents were from the South! Yes I got sayings for days & that was one of them lol


  1. When I was around five my great grandmother was at a family reunion. Mom brought me to her to see her. I had an irrational fear of elderly people and upon seeing my great grandmother I began to scream, “Is she going to die?!” I know my mom thought she herself would after my outburst. My great grandma luckily had a great sense of humor and laughed it off, though it did not seem funny to me at all at the time.

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