WHEN CAN RECONNECTING GO HORRIBLY WRONG?  | Blogging Univ. Writing 101. Day 16

It didn’t work out the first time. Well, we had no business trying to work it out the first time since he wasn’t working it out by himself when I found him. 

Ya dig?

One year later and working it out by himself, he returns proud that he has found himself. Only I wasn’t looking nor was I looking to be found…this time. Even though he was still looking like he was looking when I found him the first time.

Hmmm & oh my!

So we tried looking into each other’s eyes again; except this time, he thought finding himself before he found me, I would find myself unworthy to be found. I found that insulting. However since I had not found myself, I didn’t know I was open to being found exactly how he left me…a keyless entry. 

Rock with me…won’t cha?

Yeah see, it’s a situation (pronounced si-choo-a-shun) when they make you feel as though you should feel lucky because they want to feel you. If you’ve not found yourself, before your found, you don’t realize you deserve to be felt without being touched. 

Ahhh did you get that?

Yeah so reconnecting went horribly wrong because in short, he short circuited my circuit. Oh no…not due to overheating. Ya see, his auto generated pseudo power was fueled by an inflated ego coupled with sketchy alibis. Turns out I wasn’t the only one he went looking for when he went looking. When he found me, he saw me as undeserving and though she was unaware he went looking for others, I found her deserving better than he. 

Good thing I had an omnipotent Back Up Generator huh? Never to be my back up againever. He’s now my sole source of ever flowing power.  Self existent but not self absorbed. Able to sustain me…no longer a keyless entry. 

Connection secure. 

Deemed undeserving but freed…and now found free, found serving…

No longer under foot. 

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  1. I’ve been in a couple of si-choo-a-shuns before, E. Yes, that was exactly the feeling. I should feel honored to be near them. We live and learn, right?

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