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SO darn grateful for a free writing assignment today! I get to write whatever comes to mind, say what I want, say what I feel & how I feel it. The only rules are there are no rules…including my being obsessed with grammar or punctuation. 


I’m always changing my Twitter profile picture. I bore very easily. It’s a wonder I’ve maintained some things as long as I have. Perhaps it’s my being what they call a ride or die chick, a loyalist or I don’t know….someone you definitely want in your corner. When I rock wit’ chu, I rock hard from the core. I don’t have the energy to rock more than one face so you never have to wonder… if I said it I meant it. And you didn’t have to hear it second hand either…

So what’s the flip side of being ride or die? For those of us who take enduring hardness as a good soldier seriously. Those of us who are used to just sticking it out, no matter the toll it takes on us.  From apologizing to strangers about falling behind on Writing 101 assignments to staying in places we shoulda left a long time ago. For us, committing to something comes from a deeper place. It’s why we end up staying with people and doing things…waaaay past the expiration date. You know…that moment when you forget why you even started riding and why you allowed so much of you to die along the way. 

We were never meant to live on the bridge. 

A bridge is defined by as “a connecting, transitional route or phase between two adjacent activities or conditions

Just as old habits die hard and addictions are relentless in refusing to let us go, we too have things in our lives that we know we should’ve ended a long time ago. How many nouns; people, places or things, were meant to only be temporary in our lives but we refused to let go?
Nouns that were meant to just “hold you over” until you can climb over? It was a donut but you treated it like a permanent tire. It was meant to be urgent care not chronic care. The Emergency Rooms of life are not meant to fill in the gaps. That relationship was designed to revive you not sustain you…and you know it. So why are you settling? Why DON’T you deserve better than that? Why can’t it be your turn? Why not you?! Shoooot why not me?!

My disclaimer is I’m not telling you to quit your job today. I’m not telling you to serve your spouse with divorce papers or move across country. ‘Cause wherever you go…there will there you will be…everyone can’t be wrong, it just might be you. It makes no sense to have to take the same life test all over again in another location. Maybe…just maybe, some things are reoccurring because you just need to deal with it. 

You were never meant to live on the bridge. 

YOU know where you are and YOU know if you stayed too long…



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22 thoughts on “YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO LIVE ON THE BRIDGE |  Blogging Univ. Writing 101 Day 19 – MY LATEST #BLOG Leave a comment

  1. Very thought provoking post. You’ve written is so well and along with all seriousness, thete were some chuckles. ‘It was a donut but you treated it like a permanent tire’ you have got great lines there:)

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  2. Uh…Whoo child!!! Shouted it!!! 2 snaps in Z formation! Self inventory is key! BOOM and thank you sweet sistah e!!! You’re such a blessing in my life and touching so many others.

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  3. I’ll say this first, it is my dearest intention to defy the writer in me, and keep this comment as short as possible (remember, it’s my intention). For one, can I just say out loud how much of kindred spirits we are. Each wk I come back to catch up on your heart warming posts, and I find myself looking right in the mirror and it’s incredible. Sometimes jarring, most times fulfilling and wholly. This is one of those posts, like that first poem of yours I read, titled something like ‘I Taught You How To Love Me’ (sorry if I got the title wrong =/).

    I find that the power in blogging to the world, vs. just writing for self, is tied heavily into your mission for this blog; to help people heal, especially the silenced and forgotten. In such, I am confessing right herr on your comments section, haha, b/c I need you to know that you’re doing exactly what your mission aimed to do. If with no one else, especially with myself.

    The metaphor of the bridge in this piece is so powerful, you just gave me the most vivid image of my life, I knew possible. I lived on a bridge for almost all my life. Perhaps going from one bridge to another, as you mentioned with taking the same life test over and over, in different locations. It took me to attempt to outrun my own self, by moving 3,000 miles to figure that one out fully.

    As I write this, I tear up heavy because I am forgiving myself right now. Right here. With you, e! I could have walked the world’s width in the time I stood still on those damn bridges. And I blamed everyone. Everything. From God and the heavens, to my momma and fake friends. When I had to confront that very real truth, that I was the problem. That everyone can’t be wrong. That lying that into myself was not easier than being honest. That standing still was not, is not, easier. It is harder. Especially for a sprinter like myself. I was devastated. How could I hold myself back for so long? Man! The things I lost along the way, because I refused to connect to the other side of the bridge. God bless them, it and myself.

    Anywho, I told you I wanted to keep this as short as possible. So, I end by saying what I keep saying to you, THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing your spirit and bravery to be tools for His work and glory! I know you’re healing so many, ’cause you’re definitely healing my stubborn behind. And that, my dear, is not an easy feat by far! Woww! I’ve been on a damn bridge all this time. Well, up until a few weeks ago. I’m jogging now. Finally off the bridge. Getting ready for my sprint.

    You helped me just make major sense of what I am leaving behind. Not an end. Just a connection. A bridge. Duh! Thank you sis! God bless your blessed spirit and may God continue to perform His greatest works through, around and for you! Peace & Blessings always! Much love, Shaquana <3!

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  4. I love your writing syle E! This really spoke to me and girrrrrrrrrrrl can I say “prophetic” or nah?! LOL! Sheeesh! Had to cut and paste this just when I read it too:

    “You know…that moment when you forget why you even started riding and why you allowed so much of you to die along the way.”

    Much respect and love to you sis (pounding my chest to u 😉
    really enjoyed this post!!!!

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  5. Ommgggg girrrllll this right here!

    “It’s why we end up staying with people and doing things…waaaay past the expiration date. You know…that moment when you forget why you even started riding and why you allowed so much of you to die along the way. ”

    Speaks to me in sooo many ways! You know how many times I’ve asked this? Smh lol….Get em girl!

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