Reflecting on the Tough Times

Soooo lovin’ this…It’s just too good not to share…

Life With Grit

As a quick disclosure, this was a 1 AM journal entry.
Apparently I had a lot to say. So stick with me!
(Or jump to the end. That works, too!)


We all know the old saying: “Nobody said life would be easy. They just said it would be worth it.” And it’s true. Life isn’t easy no matter who you are. Everyone has something to worry about, a deadline to meet, sick kids at home, piles of debt, unceasing and relentless grief, regret, heartbreak… You name it. Every single person you find has some sort of struggle. As you may have come to notice, some are burdened with more significant struggles than others.

For me, it seems never-ending at times. And like my dad always said “If it’s not one thing, it’s three others.” (That’s my grandpa’s wisdom showing there, so I know I must not be the only one!)…

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