How Not to Lose Yourself in LOVE

Marriage is more than the wedding day and till death do us part is a long time. It was a blessing to be interviewed for our 17th Wedding Anniversary & the latest installment is below…ENJOYūüėČ

Femmes Faithful

As you know, Femmes Faithful started a series called ‚ÄúPortraits of Love‚ÄĚ. We sat down to interview Kevin and Ericka¬†Arthur for their 17th Anniversary and hopefully get beyond the fluff that magazine cover lines would lead you to believe is life-changing, to discover what really (on the real) makes a marriage endure and Love last for 21 years. Get to know the couple and what started the series in¬†Love: Not A Game‚ĶBut A Lifetime. But for now,¬†READ the 3rd¬†installment of their interview below including a few¬†responses captured on video.

FF: When, where and how did the two of you first meet?

Kevin + Ericka: We met at church and were introduced by a mutual friend. That was 21 yrs. ago… started dating about a month after we met.

Ericka: I can not believe its been that long! LOL.

FF: Admit two unlovable traits about yourself that you love each other past.


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