LORD I WANT TO BE USED (No Lord! NOT Like That!!!)


LORD I WANT TO BE USED (No Lord, NOT Like That!!!)

There are moments in our lives when we are more apt to surrender. Be it a playful exchange between buddies arm wrestling or dishing the *dirty dozens! 
There are times when we surrender to love. Maybe he’s not your type. You hate the way he chews his food, laughs and blinks but he wore you down with his debt free self! 

Surrendering to God can happen that way too! Can we talk?! Listen, I fight the Jonah in me almost ehhh-vuuur-eee day! You feel me?! There are those who don’t know me but know of me because of seeing me speak or sing somewhere. So they have this high and lofty idea of what and who they think I should be (both on and off the mic). For example, there are times when God allows me to see and hear things in the spirit realm that I wish He hadn’t shown me! 

 Days when I don’t feel like being chosen. I’m just keeping it real. If this is too transparent for you, I genuinely apologize but authenticitee may not be the blog for you. I’m over people pretending like those of us who gave GOD a complete yes, always feel like obeying Him! That’s part of the problem now. People are hurting themselves, getting depressed, leaving communities of faith, because they feel that there is a standard that they cannot live up to. Not God’s standard; Who by the way made it very clear that there is none righteous no not one, thus alleviating the pressure to be perfect. Let me be clear however, it does not alleviate the responsibility to strive for it, as unto HIM, as He lovingly expects us to walk worthy of our calling! I’m referring to man’s imposed, unrealistic, two faced standards!! Oh I can’t do this or that. Oh, you won’t do it but you will delete your browsing history…

Close your mouth. Yeah I said it. Gloves off today. I have a burden for those hurt by people of faith to the point where they hate God. That’s a problem for me. Sermon for a different day. 

Ok…(breathe e, breathe)

You may have surrendered because all Hell was breaking loose or you whispered one of those drunken stupor prayers, “LAWD (hiccup) if You just get me outta THIS…” God forbid we’re speeding and see those dreaded flashing red lights in our rearview mirror! We pray hard honey, even if we don’t believe there is a God! 

What do you do when you don’t particularly care for the gifts and talents you’ve been given? Oh you do know you’re gifted and talented right?! Hmph! I don’t care what your lazy eyed, slew footed, crooked wig wearing 3rd grade teacher said! You’re freaking AMAZING! Do you hear me?! AMAZING!!

Moving along…

You wish you could sing like an angel but instead sound like (as my mother used to say when I didn’t quite hit Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love notes) “a cat being caught in the meat grinder”! 

Well let me ask you this: 

Umm Sir/Ma’am…If you’re so busy trying to be someone else, who’s gonna be YOU?!

No. It may not be the gift, talent, calling, region, assignment, career path that you would’ve chosen. BUT since you are there and until your time is up there, take a look around. It may not be what you’re there for, it may be who you’re there for…

Please don’t believe the lie that what you have to offer is not worth offering. 

Just sayin’…aight I gotta go. 
Remember I love ya like gluten fat free stuffed crust pizza!

Cyber hugs & suga,



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  1. that is the Bugaboo realizing we must live for Christ and yet we still have a fleshly housing that fights the gospel.humility humility humility that’s our only hope. Thanks sis for your light.

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