Personal Thoughts About Personal Ministry

One of my Good Brothas Sean Mungin speaks…. My favorite line: “But what do you do when it seems as though the windows of Heaven have been closed and padlocked from the inside, and you have no way to enter in?”

Please check him and his work out🙏🏽

Love you to life…


Sometimes we place ourselves in a position to hear from God, and the silence is deafening. We begin to wonder if God has spoken to us. We begin to question whether He has called us. We begin to see our lives at a crossroads and we are not certain of which direction in which we must walk. As I continue my journey with getting to know God personally and sharing the things He has shared with the reading audience, I oftentimes find myself in this place. Sometimes, the thoughts pour out of my soul ever so freely. Then, there are those times like today wherein I find myself stumbling upon an empty riverbed whose bottom has not seen any refreshing springs or outpouring from the Holy Spirit in days. Those days seem like an eternity when you have become used to experiencing God on a daily basis. But what do…

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