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**BREAKING NEWS** #Blogger authenticitee Hosts Meet & Greet!

  Muuaahh! Welcome New Followers! So glad you’re here! Time to Meet & Greet! 1- State Your Name & Country! 2- Share Link To Your Favorite (Could Be Yours or Another’s) 3- The Song In Your Head Right Now! 4- No Horseplay In The Pool! 5- Share/Reblog (The More The Merrier!) Let’s Go! e

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  1. Bula E and all you lovely party people! I’m Siteri from Nadi in the beautiful Fiji Islands. I have a few blogs that I enjoy visiting right now and they all look like they’re having fun with their photography:

    Just saw this on TV and now it’s buzzing in my head, Prince Julian’ ‘I like to move it move it” from Madagascar.

    Great to be here. Thanks for the invite, E! 🙂

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    • Peace Siteri, I’m Sooo glad you made it! The Fiji Islands?! How awesome is that! Love that song choice too!

      Have fun meeting new people. I pray they enjoy your work as much as I do.



  2. Hi everyone, I’m Snoskred from Australia. You can find me at – – and I didn’t have a song in my head until I read the comment from D. Parker, so now I have Never Tear Us Apart by INXS playing. 🙂

    I’m going to do a lap of the mentioned blogs now. 🙂

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  3. Molweni! (that’s isiXhosa for “hello, everyone!”) This is Fiona from McGregor, a village in the South African Winelands. Thanks for this opportunity to share my favourite things Song in my head – “it’s a Beautiful Noise” (not!) because there are enormous machines in the road outside our house laying water pipes. No pool, but we do have a wonderful outside shower… 😛

    As I don’t blog about blogging, I’ll tweet this from @FionasFavourite

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  4. Still partying like it’s 1999! Ask me about Disco New Year’s Eve, 1984! And I’m hearing something that was on my Pandora Django Reinhardt channel, but I can’t remember what it’s called. You’ll find me at

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  5. Currently living in the midwest USA. Originally from Germany. The song knocking around my head the past few days is Madonna’s Ghost Town. Hello All!

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