It Was Beautiful Because YOU Were There! | #Blogger Ericka Arthur of authenticitee Thanks International Soirée Guests


It Was Beautiful Because YOU Were There! | #Blogger Ericka Arthur of authenticitee Thanks International Soirée Guests

I had the pleasure of hosting a Meet & Greet last Thursday that was met with incredible warmth and vibrancy! The attendance, food, drinks, games, poolside fun, reblogging and sharing on Social Media were overwhelmingly special!!!! Seriously…A million thanks to ALL!

I wanted to shout out each country represented and encourage everyone to revisit periodically to really soak in the incredible talent that was there! Visit their blog, take a moment to listen to the songs that were playing in their head…introduce yourself!

In a day and age where differences separate and divide human beings, it was refreshing to gather where guests weren’t just tolerated…everyone was recognized, celebrated and appreciated!!

May God bless you and all that concerns you!

Keep in touch and remember YOU MATTER!


PS: Be sure to check the Lost and Found on your way out! I came across some very interesting items while straightening up after the party! You’re absolutely free to guess what the items were just make sure your guess is no more than PG-13 LOL!!!

Countries Where The Guests Were Blogging From (In No Particular Order)

United States  
United Arab Emirates   
Antigua and Barbuda  
United Kingdom   


Fiji Islands   
South Africa   

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    1. Oh how I love thee Big Brother…let me count the ways LOL!!!

      PS: I found empty Dunkin Donuts’ COFFEE cups behind Mama’s couch while cleaning up…is there anything you’d like to share with the class…

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