I trudged up the stairs moving slower than usual. Tons of things on my mind and several thoughts I refused to address at the moment; having filed them away in my mental Rolodex. On my way to an answered prayer, I heard the words, “As Unto the LORD” as though God had paused all Heaven and Earth to talk to me. I filed it away with the other thoughts, as I didn’t have the energy or interest to respond at the time. 


They wouldn’t leave. The words He had spoken would go nowhere. Lingering. Hovering just as the persistent stroking of a mothers hand in the hair of a sick child. As a friend who won’t leave your side until the tears rolling down your cheeks stop rolling. As one who has made a vow to stay and actually keeps it. He wanted to talk to me about approaching my answered prayer…as unto Him

Answered prayers have a way of morphing into chains around our ankles, weights on our legs and heaviness on our shoulders; don’t they? We prayed for that job. It’s an answered prayer that we now hate. We asked God to allow our hook up to hook us up and our resume to stand out. We prayed that the interview would go well and that out of all the applicants, that they would choose us. 



We prayed for that mate, lover, companion, partner, spouse. We asked that they would want us as much as we wanted them. Long to hear our voice as often as we craved the soothing sound of their vocal imprint in our ears. We wanted them close at all times, within close proximity. Within reach. Preferring them over any other. 
We prayed for that house, on that block, in that neighborhood, in that price range. We prayed for that car, in that color, in that condition. We prayed for our womb. Our loins. That baby, that child, that teen, that young adult, and that little one that’s all grown up now. What do you do when you’re on your way to and interacting with an answered prayer that no longer makes you smile, feel wanted, has lost its flavor, its appeal and has caused you the most painful days of your life? When the love you once had, you once shared…has grown cold. 

There are moments when it will be time to do as the writer of Ecclesiastes admonished us to do. Discern when it’s time to release, fully aware that the answered prayer has, if you will, expired. 



Then there are moments when you hear and cannot ignore the resounding river of the words, “As Unto The Lord“. It’s the phrase that encourages you to focus on Him as you serve, as you go, as you interact with and talk to your answered prayers. It’s Him saying, “Let Me be your strength today. Look at Me. Let Me be your foundation today. Rest in Me. Lean back on Me. Allow Me to be your support today”. 


Thank You LORD for giving us the strength to endure this answered prayer. Please purify the motive behind our motives so that we are not bitter, angry, toxic and operating in our own strength. Help us to not mow others down and engage with them selfishly for our own benefit at the expense of hurting, harming, disrespecting and no longer being honest with them. Help us to realize when we are lashing out at our answered prayer but we are really mad at ourselves for not leaving sooner. Help us not live under the weight of guilt and regret another day. Help us to know when it’s time to release the answered prayer gracefully thus making room for all of the beautiful, new answered prayers that you have waiting…just for us.  

In Your name we pray,

© Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015
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  1. E…I’m telling you…you are anointed to go into someone’s heart, mind and soul; and write the thoughts and emotions that you feel but could never express! So many times, we’ve looked at a person and or situation and said…”ugh…that’s what I get, this is what I prayed for!” I feel a NY Times Bestseller book coming! Won’t He do it?!

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