Day Twenty-One Of Consecration: Holiness? Have It Your Way

HONORED! I was invited by Min. Sean Mungin of Joshua Generation Ministries to write a piece about HOLINESS. Honest reflection on the subject resulted in my sharing about being denied entrance to a church years ago…all in the name of HOLINESS.

Join me on this reflection as I write candidly from my perspective as a Christian woman. Also please check out and subscribe to The Joshua Generation Ministries blog for daily devotionals and encouraging impartation!

Abundant blessings,


Kingdom Living Magazine

Today, I have the distinct honor of having a very close friend and sister of mine present a guest piece for our Morning Meditation. Her name is Ericka Arthur, or you can just simply call her, ‘e’…She has been a great source of encouragement to me both before and during this consecration process. As I read the piece she submitted upon request, I was truly blessed by the simplicity in which ‘e’ presents the Gospel message and I am certain that you will be equally blessed as well.
 Visit ‘e’  at:
@IndigoInterlude on Twitter
Also, check out ‘e”s husband’s new project:
So without further ado…I introduce to you…

I was what they called, “on fire for the Lord”.  Witnessing left and right to all but inanimate objects about the goodness of Jesus who is the…

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