Insanely Hopeful…

Her Breaking Point

hopefulpoetInsanely Hopeful

Even when there is a sign that goes against all odds

I am insanely hopeful

Trying to not process the bit of info I have received

I stay hopeful

Even as I type these words and in my body I somewhat yearn

I am hope – FULL

OOO I hope that I am not too over the top with it!

I been here before many of times

I know what it feels like to be smacked back into reality

No, not now baby girl but in time you will receive your BABY girl…

Wow, would I have a girl or a boy first?

Do I care?


Did I just ask myself that?




Insanely hopeful I speak honest words from my soul to God

Sometimes jokingly I say “here we go again with this,” as I sigh


I can’t help but to wait in…

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