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Washed By The Water

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This Sunday, August 23, is going to be another huge day in my life, and especially in my journey in faith in Christ.  I have thought about his for some time, and have now decided that I will be Baptized.  Yes, I was Baptized 23 years ago, but at that time, I just got wet.  I did so under the thought that it was the right thing to do, but there was no ‘why’ behind it.  There was no real surrender to Christ in my heart and I was not at point to really get to know Him.  But now, 23 years later, I know the ‘why.’  Having given myself fully to Christ with full repentance and surrender, it is now time to do this and this time to do it for real.

I used to be self-righteous in the sense that, yes, I already got Baptized.  I’m good to…

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