MY VIDEO ~ IF YOU LOVED ME LIKE I LOVE YOU (Thank You @SadeChampagne of @GrindHardRadio)

Hey authenticitee family and welcome new subscribers! Much love!

I’m often referred to as a Spoken Word Artist..but I have never spoken any of my poetry aloud…until now.

I accepted an admonishing challenge from a very special young lady named Sade Champagne to begin to share my poetry outside of my blog by speaking it aloud. So I went for it and did an impromptu video…an hour or so ago in response! Yikes!

Thanks for watching and sharing. Oh and no matter what…yes…life can be tough and love at times painful. Please don’t believe the lie that you don’t deserve love. Perfect love removes fear, so please…don’t let anyone or ANYTHING…stop you from loving or allowing yourself to receive love from a pure space. Life is too short not to! Ok here we go…my first time!!!

God bless you,


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    1. Good morning Girl noooo promises….that was HARD lol. If I didn’t tape it cold turkey with no rehearsing, I would have chickened out lol!!

      Thanks for watching, you’re the BEST💘💘💘💘e

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    1. Omgoodness Kitt! Can I tell you… I thought about you when you read one of your poems a few months ago, you were so brave!!! I am glad that this spoke to you… I am in no rush however to make this a habit though LOL! Giant, huge cyber hugs to you…words cannot describe how much I am grateful to God that you’re in my life. I’ve learned so much from you, thank you for everything🌺🌸🌺 e

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