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“Na na na na na! My Addiction is Better Than Yours!”

When does it end? You know…bullying? Peer pressure, though often associated with teenagers is a life long issue many deal with. A peer is simply someone who’s on your level. Peer pressure among adults, is often well masked and just looks a wee bit different. It’s what makes us buy cars we can’t afford, and houses that are not homes, in neighborhoods we don’t like; to impress people we can’t stand. 

We compare everything. Our kids, shoes, financial status, sins and addictions. Why?

There’s a great Twitter Account called *Stop Suicide* (@Stand_Up_To_It) that gives followers a chance to share how long they’ve been clean.  This particular day, their tweets touched my heart deeply. In the screenshot above, the first person had been clean 196 days while the second person, just 4 hours. The second person was who I could relate to the most.

See, though I can’t relate to drug and/or alchohol addiction and substance abuse is not my personal journey; I can relate to the inability to quit doing a bad thing and start doing a good thing. As I scroll down my timeline, noticing my fluctuating weight forever captured; my double chin and ill fitted apparel tell all my business. After all, even most of the seven deadly sins can go undetected to the natural eye.


Gluttony however, along with emotional eating, lack of temperance, lack of exercise and using overeating as a stress buster is hard to hide. My old pastor used to say, “confession is good for the soul but bad for the reputation”; but we all have something that we’re dealing with, I thought. 

There have been days I’ve started a spiritual fast at 6 AM and ended it while saying grace over my breakfast, on the same day. The person who had been clean for 4 hours was already doing so much better than me on many a day. Many

So no, yours may not be drugs. It may be an addiction to coffee, gambling, chocolate, chocolate men or biting your nails. It may be sex, trying to end that affair, cursing, abusing others, stealing, eating ice, eating chalk, plagiarism, lying or cutting yourself. No matter the addiction, no matter how clean, life has a way of leveling the playing field.

You may be married to, roommates/friends with or the parents of someone who cannot hide their addiction as well as you do yours; but be gentle. Be kind and most of all…beware. Remember, most of our “I would never do that!” moments in life are preceded and often trumped by our, “I can’t believe I did that!” moments.   


I love you. You’re going to be ok. We both are.

4 hours & counting,



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  1. Yes! E!!! get outta my backyard… ijs (insert if the shoe fits side eye if you want) Praying for you , me, and everybody… for real. love your openness… keep living fearlessly.

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