SHARING WITH YOU | Sweet #LovePoetry

Two of my latest pieces of poetry… 


He promised strawberries & champagne 

Told him I don’t drink

“You mean this is a natural high I’m feeling?” He leaned in to take a closer peek. 

My bottom sugar coated lip I bit,

Sober minded, straight on shoulders my head I tilt 

Refusing to be hypnotized by his honey drenched eyes

Had to let him know

My natural high was by invitation only & custom built.


Below is a collaboration with an amazing poet on Instagram named Lyrical Miracle…


He says…

Subtle hints here and there, allow me to keep my distance/You’re perfect in every way and I’m not just talking about your appearance/I know you’ve been hurt before and my heart is still healing too/For all the right reasons, the stars aligned the day I met you/I fell for you so fast and in denial I’ve been/Wanting to tell you how much I love you, but it seems I just can’t win/So I’ll disappear for a while in dire need of your company/It’s all my fault truth be told, I’m scared to let you love me/
Lyrical Miracle The Poetic Prophet

I respond..

Your world is breathtaking, can’t believe I’m your Special Guest. 

It means everything to me that you got that off your chest. Thank you for letting me in but please don’t disappear. There’s something about your voice vibrating in my ear. Every time you come close I get apprehensive. The air thins, my soul mends, I then become pensive. 

Truth to be told, I’m scared too. 

You absolved me of my past; you’re too good to be true. My heart’s a bit fragile and in some places bruised but it only starts beating when I think of you. 


Thank you for your continued support…you’re beyond amazing! Be sure to scroll down & catch up on previous posts. I wanna hear from you💞e

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