For The Curious And Concerned, A CRPS Story

My Beautiful Antiguan CyberSista Gina Phillips Talks Living With CRPS

The Ginny Diaries

Every time I leave the house, I’m reminded of the simple fact that people will see you but never really know you. And unfortunately that never stops them from thinking that they do. My physical therapist asked me just this week, “what has it been like for you living with CRPS?” I sighed and laughed lightly..because really, …where does one begin? To say it has been hard would be cruel actually. I haven’t had my limbs severed, I don’t need a wheelchair or assistance to move around, visibly and for all intensive purposes, I look fine. In fact, my doctor told me in the beginning that it would have been easier if I’d just broken my arm. I didn’t understand then. I couldn’t understand. But, I do now. 

CRPS -(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)- has changed my life. In increments, monumentally and in ways I didn’t see coming. There is very little…

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