Thinking, well for me anyway leads to overthinking. “Overthinking bad” (in my best cave man voice). I made it my business to make my rounds here on WordPress; visiting as many familiar faces as I could to let them know I am still among the land of the living. One blog I had to check out was 10000hoursleft and I ate well. After reading one of her pieces I left a brief comment and she responded:

“Thanks e! So nice to hear from you. I appreciate you taking the time to read and give your much appreciated feedback. Do you have a regular writing habit or quota? I’ve not seen any posts from you lately- has Instagram stolen your heart? Hope you’re well xx”

She inspired, challenged and bear hugged me all in one swooping gesture; and it was needed. I let her know how bananas my schedule has been and that was home for me. But why? Why was I avoiding home. It’s funny. Its not my first time “running away from home”. I remember right around the time my grandfather died earlier this year and life kept happening; I had just returned from an unofficial hiatus. In my piece So I Said Nothing, I now realize I had fumbled through this subject matter of my being MIA before. Certainly I couldn’t be the only one, avoiding home.

I’m gonna leave it right there for now. Time constraints bathed in an air of mystery (humbly) sounds like an undeniable writer personified to me…

Miss you all. Welcome new faces. Talk to me. Introduce yourself or let me know how you’ve been.






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  1. Welcome back e! Was so glad to see your post and so nicely surprised to see our exchange helped bring you back (I won’t take full credit cause I know your digital love lies here). Life does just keep happening doesn’t it? 😊 xx

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