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Cue side eye as noted in the flawless work of art captured by TCD Photography in the photo above…

That’s not love. And you know it. We knew it. I knew it. I know what it’s like to stay longer than I should to a party I was never invited to. There are times we get involved with people, places and things that we were never meant to connect with. Things that were never supposed to be a part of our story. Relationships that we had no business being in. 

That’s what I’ve been writing a lot about on my social media pages this morning. ALOT…

Nonetheless… I digress … at this time. 


I am back on Facebook after closing my account eight years ago!! Trust me… I went kicking and screaming and DELAYED it as long as I could! Facebook was an extremely unpleasant experience for me; but between my cohosting the #RadioDivas show on #GrindHardRadio, the #suicideprevention organizations I volunteer for and the INCREDIBLE supporters of my work; I was severely out numbered! LOL! So please if you’re on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram let’s connect!!!

Hit me up with your Blog/Social Media Links in the comment section below and I’ll come through….Here’s mine: 


@IndigoInterlude – Personal Page

@authenticiteespeaks – Fan Page

@InspirationWithE – Fan Page


@IndigoInterlude – Personal Page

@authenticiteespeaks – Love Poetry Page

@InspirationWithE – Inspiration Page


@IndigoInterlude – Personal Page

@authenticitee – Love Poetry Page

@EAInspiration – Inspiration Page




February 2017 – One of 44 poets BLESSED to have one or more of our poems featured in their latest book, “Love Notes From Humanity – The Lust, Love & Loss Collection“. 

October 2015 – WOW! Magazine (Poetry featured)

Don’t forget to keep in touch & share with a friend!

Much love & welcome new faces!💫e

Remember YOU MATTER!

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  1. Powerful scribe, as always Ericka, and the message resonates very deeply with me, very deeply, very personally. Thank you for always giving a voice to my feelings. Much Love Always.

    Liked by 1 person

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