Spreading Kindness Around The World With The Peyton Heart Project


If you’re new here…. #SuicidePrevention is a major burden of mine! Please read the post below about one of my favorite movements: The Peyton Heart Project

Adventures Of A 30 Something, Single, Nurse Who Just Needed A Damn Vacation.

How I found a way to travel with purpose:

The first time I found out about the Peyton Heart Project was in December of 2015. I was in Honolulu, HI with one of my friends, Jen, waiting to go on a 7 day Hawaiian Islands cruise! We had a couple days to explore Honolulu and decided to take a trip to the zoo. As we were walking up to see the tiger Jen pointed out something hanging from a vine. I picked it up and it had a message of Kindness on it and #peytonheartproject.We looked it up and read the story of a 13 year old boy namedPeyton James. While growing up in Texas, Peyton was constantly bullied over many years. As you can imagine, this took a toll on him and he ended up losing his life to suicide in 2014. It was a devastatingly…

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