Hey Authenticitee Speaks Family!

Praying you are well! Welcome new faces! Sharing this piece below from Ms. Oneta’s blog. She has been one of my biggest supporters from the onset!!



Sweet aroma

Kenlyn sleep

OK, I cheated!  This is little doll letting her finger nails get dry is the youngest member of my family.  I’m the oldest.  That’s enough similarity for me to use her picture instead of mine.  😀

I am celebrating my four year victory over death.  How am I celebrating?  Sitting here doing what I choose to do.  In no pain, in no worry.    My thanks to Jesus and his caring people. (OK there were probably a few grumps also—amazing how God uses grumps too if he needs to!)

Coumadin satisfactory, blood pressure 128/62, pulse 61, appetite, fully recovered, weight—let’s not go there. Suffice it to say my body’s ability to utilize food works well! Physical Therapy?  Yes, pretty regularly, nearly an hour a day at least five days a week. And sleep? Bring it on. Very irregular but extremely enjoyable! So much for the vitals of my flesh!


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