Season 1 Episode 3 Show Description

Welcome to the “Inspiration With E” Radio Show with Ericka Arthur! “Inspired to inspire and healed to do the same”, is the self proclamation that fuels “E”. Each show she strives to encourage others while sharing different genres of great music, interviewing amazing guests and raising awareness about matters close to her heart! During this episode “E” Interviews Guest Co-Host – Minister of Music, Singer and Music Consultant; George Ward, Poet & PTSD Survivor; Ilona Gaspar, Single Mom & stroke survivor; Donna Bush and Actor, Producer, and Screenwriter living with Cerebral Palsy; Scott Rolfe. Call-in 323-693-3043 and press “1” to stream LIVE with “E” and her guests ON AIR! Presented by: GRINDHARD RADIO https://authenticiteespeaks.com

++Interviews begin at 20:00


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