*The following is a never before released vintage piece.


She would not shut up.

She just kept talking and talking and talking and talking.

And I admit it. I am an extremely complex person; so I get it. Polite and not a phony bone in my plus size body; but in real time? I keep to myself. Speak to everybody but talk to very few. So in her defense; perhaps my dilated pupils feigned the interest I did NOT have. Eh. The perks of being one of those newfangled, quirky, super guarded, friendly and from time to time; super talkative introverts. Mixed signals? Don’t judge me. 

So anyway I couldn’t figure out why I wanted her to shut up. Mind you, “shut up” is a phrase I’m not fond of unless I’m using it in jest (cue urban vernacular). She was smart, articulate, young and vibrant. She was making good, no great points; but yet I grew more and more agitated every time she paused to take a breath AND refueled for another round of her passionate spew-ation-ism! (Hmm…I am so loving that word I just made up. Spewantionism is simply marvelous. Ah let the records show…mine!).

Then it dawned on me…it wasn’t her presentation; it was her content!

She was a serial complainer and in addition to her scattered list of complaints, she was talking about two other people who were not present to defend themselves. I tried, I mean I tried I tell you! Then to boot I was exhausted and as a result my occasional “polite nod and pause, eye squint, head tilt and pause” move didn’t go over very well. Translation: The hints I gave were plummeted by her incessant complaining at full speed.

Complaining. Yeah. Me no likey.

Its official. My tolerance level for negativity and extended periods of fussing is ZERO to NONE, Not interested Ma’am…Sir. I’m just not.

Hmph! Well thanks for listenin’..I’m done.

Oh Lawd…wait. WAIT just a minute…I do believe I just did the same thing she did.

UGH. Are we all forever guilty of this endless cycle? Complaining about a complainer? Thoughts? Talk amongst yourselves.



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