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I was watching Ray earlier today. If you’ve never seen it before *spoiler alert* up ahead mate!

I didn’t see Jamie Foxx once in this movie. That’s how much he embodied Ray Charles in this film. It had been so long since I’d seen it, that many parts felt very new to me.

One scene that got my wheels a spinnin’ and really disturbed jarred my pen was the scene where Ray is going through heroin withdrawal.

As I saw him writhing around scratching in sheer agony, it was then that I thought about the power of introductions. See, the scene where he was introduced (or reintroduced some would say) to heroin plays out a little differently than one might imagine. Well that’s because…it was his idea.

*Trigger Warning Below

Ray walks in on heroin being used and his fellow band member David “Fathead” Newman (Bokeem Woodbine) tries to talk him out of it; forewarning him that it wasn’t marijuana, but to no avail.

Several sources report that Ray was eager to try drugs because he thought it helped musicians be more creative. Hence the jarring of my pen…


Having never tried drugs before; I can’t relate to being introduced to drugs nor deliberately choosing/positioning myself to be introduced to drugs. I can however definitely relate to the cause and effect of self inflicted poor decisions as a result of introductions that were my idea. We’ve all been there! The moments in our lives where we positioned ourselves in places that we thought would be advantageous to our agenda. That fine man or woman we had to meet. That (in our mind) influential person that was the missing piece to our vision’s puzzle.

I can distinctly remember every “who” who introduced me to every “who” and/or “what” that gravely impacted infected my life. Some introductions turned out for my good while others to my detriment. The times I knew as I was shaking their hands, that they would result in my demise. And then there were earth angels divinely sent to awaken every dormant gift and heal every seeping wound.

Ray Charles’ self imposed introduction after being warned, resulted in a 16 year heroin addiction. A successful stint in rehab coupled with his late mother’s voice of inspiration resounding in his spirit, drove him to get and stay clean.

There are many who will always remind you of your past. Some because your choice of introductions destroyed their lives and others because they don’t feel you deserve recovery after destroying your own. Some introductions are/were beyond our control. We were violated. Someone failed to protect us. We never asked for it nor initiated it. We are now angry, toxic, weakened and bitter because of whomever introduced us to the drug that was forced to become our choice. Addicted; we had no say in the matter.

I challenge you to find yourself in this piece until you find your peace. Reread it as many times as you must. And then forgive yourself. Release yourself from the bondage of yesteryear’s introductions and position yourself for the better ones that lie ahead.

Thank you for being here!


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  1. What a wonderful post! I haven’t seen this movie, but I just watched a Barbra Streisand concert where Jamie Fox came out and sang a duet with her. He is one of many who sang with her on her duet album. My point is that I didn’t even know he could sing, and Wow! I’ve always loved her, but I’m impressed with him now, too. I’d want to see the movie just for this reason. As to Ray Charles, I didn’t know he had a heroin addiction. Like you, I’ve never tried drugs, so I can’t relate to being addicted to any substance. It’s even hard for me to watch scenes involving drugs and needles. 😦 Thankfully, I’m at peace with myself, and your ending paragraph was profound and beautifully written.

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