AFTER THE AFFAIR by Emmanuella Raphaelle | Book Review

I first introduced Emmanuella Raphaelle to this space over a year ago during my 2017 #WriterCrushWednesday series. Much of what I shared at that time, such as my admiration and respect, has only increased after reading her first book: After The Affair – Re Membering.

I don’t remember finishing a book and immediately flipping to the front cover to begin reading it again. It’s. That. Good.

An autobiography. Truth encapsulated. A lover of words and master chef in serving them well. This memoir has fed me and yet I wanted more.

When I first met Celestial, as I often call her; I discerned a weight that could not be denied. She garnered a depth that casual glances could not pinpoint or ignore. Reading her work always felt inviting; as though I had stumbled across a flowing discourse midstream that I was welcome to dance in. However laced throughout the 388 pages of robust writing is a story that deserves to be felt over and over and over again.

It’s my favorite kind of writing. Raw. Honest. A gift. Published by a publishing company Emmanuella created to house this first fortune of many to come. Do get it. Do read it. Do get it when you read it.

Oh and be blessed…’cause I was.


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