He was recommended by previously featured wordsmith anomaly Ilona Gaspar. A woman I found so fascinating, I interviewed her on my former Inspiration With E radio show. So I readied myself to read the work of someone whose pen embodied great depth and I must say; David Thomas of Instagram’s Unsociable Dave, did not disappoint.



Your craving heart

Will crumble to dust

Along with all those things

You hold so tight inside.

Sinuous roots cling

To the fear of the past

Tendrils of assumed strength

A constraining anchor.

Sloped shoulders carry

The burden of woes

Dragging dead weight

Sandbag feet hauled

Across parched earth

Losing sight of the wonders

That you are here to witness.

Naive eyes fixated upon

Wealth, success, image.

A thrashing feeding frenzy

Of starving egos

Piranhas, hysterical

In the bloodied waters

Of digital illusions

Craving chaotic attention.

Young souls enticed

By lies of the new paradigm

Hunger for untrodden

Instant hit, quick fix

Social media circus.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Oled halogen flat widescreen

Existence in virtuality.

Force fed subtle lies

Swallowed down

Through dilated eyes

Diving into the matrix

Deep in electronic prayer

Searching for a sense

Of enlightenment.


Is not


He speaks…

I was born under the grey skies of the north east coast of England, longer ago than i care to admit. My family life was a bit of a mess and i grew up pretty introverted and stupidly rebellious. I have always been a bit of an outsider, misunderstood and pretty self destructive, throw in a big bunch of anxieties and good old depression and here i am, struggling to find balance and happiness in a world that is dangerously off kilter.

I’ve always been a lover of words, my mother always encouraged me to read and i have written in one form or another for most of my life but returning to poetry after an extended hiatus felt very natural, although i never imagined I’d ever show anyone.

I enjoy the aesthetic of well crafted sentences and see my writing as pictures painted with words. I write meditatively, and i rarely approach a subject, the subject approaches me, i often don’t know what I’ve written until i stop writing, of course i then spend days tweaking and editing until i feel comfortable with it. I feel it is a purging of my subconscious, allowing me to discover myself, as corny as that sounds, and it is my therapy.

e speaks…

A therapy I believe he wants to share. Needs to share. Called to share.



The sun barely awoke

In the dull off-white

Bedcovers of the sky

That fell across

Wet mud, dead grass

Yellowed and trodden.

Soft earth beneath

These weary feet

Could barely support

The tracks left

In passage

Nor the weight

Of the motionless

Heavens that bear

The solitary

White disc

A tempered eye

A memory of hope

Wandering between

Hoary stratus pillows

Without concern

For such trivialities

As simple beings

That draw life

From its waning heat.

As the shimmering falls

With countless

Deathly crystals

Spinning swirling

In the centre

Of the ashen despair

I beg of you

Hold on.

The day

Is dark enough

Without another loss

The world needs

Your warmth.

I need your



e speaks…

Do you have a topic that is most close to your heart as writer? And if so why?

He speaks…

I write a lot about depression, self doubt and anxiety, my biggest trigger has always been loss, so it tends to veer in that direction, goodbyes and solitude are prevalent themes. I was diagnosed bi-polar in my 20s but the medicine didn’t suit me so i decided to try to deal with my issues rather than hide from them. I’m in a better place now but it’s taken a long time, the lows still happen and writing through these periods helps me understand what’s going on in my head. I think that these negative states of mind need to be discussed, there are too many people who feel isolated and alone, too many people who don’t understand their feelings and think they are the only one going through it. I can’t give answers or comfort, but i can give my story, and hopefully that might help.

e speaks…

As a writer, do you feel as though reading the work of others inspires or hinders you at times?

He speaks…

To be honest, i don’t read as much as i should. When i was younger i used to read a lot of horror and fantasy novels, Stephen King touches a part of my psyche that fills me with unease, as do Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman, i like that feeling, I’d love to be able to touch upon the primal darkness that they do so well. These days i read more philosophical works, such as Osho and Alan Watts, they definitely influence my writing and my life, in a positive manner.

As far as poetry is concerned i try to avoid the clichés, they creep in more often than I’d like, but i suppose reading other peoples poetry gives me some kind of measure of where i do and don’t want to go with my writing. I can’t say that reading other people’s work has ever hindered me, i think that all experiences can be inspirational on some level, especially when we can relate to them.

e speaks…

I believe healing comes in many forms. Which of the pieces you’ve written has brought you the most comfort?

He speaks…

There are several pieces which are very dear to me, they may seem desolate and dark but they are commentaries on my state of mind at the time. However, the one that holds the most comfort for me is a piece called “Rot”. It is inspired by the period of life before i knew the terms “depression” and “anxiety”. I was very self-destructive and hid from myself behind drink and drugs in my search for escape, for happiness, for some sense of peace and balance. Of course the drugs really only exacerbated my issues, cheap, nasty chemicals that left me utterly empty inside. I had barely had enough money to eat, and i was living in a state of mental flux, they were dark times for me. Reading it back now allows me to peer over the edge of the chasm in safety, a reminder of how far i have come, and how far there is to fall before i hit rock bottom.

e speaks…

Finally, as I gift you with one of my favorite pieces written by David and continue to savor all that he has shared, I want to pause to honor his transparency. There are many who can relate to his story but will never speak of it. Some because they are quiet and others because they have been silenced. Thank you David allowing the fullness of your freedom to liberate others.


Push back the world.

Spread those vast wings

That you have hidden

In the folds of your fabric

Lifetime after lifetime

And cloak the infinite sky

That draws every heart

And transfixes every dreamer

Who dares to meander

Into those hypnotic heavens.

Ebonise the raging sun

With the dark portentous grace

And thunderous voice

Of an angelic heritage

It is time to peel back

The slumbering lids

Of the lower waveforms

Awaken them from their comas.

Unplug the derelict children

From this deceitful machine

That restricts their minds

And watch them stumble

Into the bright unknown.

Enshroud this paradigm

In your golden divinity

Wrap us in your immortal reality.

You have the power within.

It is true.

It is you.


e speaks…

Thank you for being here David!! Be sure to follow David on Instagram @unsociabledave for more riveting writing!


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“My name is Jessica Saunders, everything Libra, financial educator and author.

I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and raised by women.”

e speaks…

And that’s when my world expanded into something even more beautiful. I began to scroll through Jessica’s Instagram timeline and found myself laced throughout her pieces. She encompasses power, ingenuity and all things woman. And her words…her words stir the reader to do the same.

I think my favorite take away from Jessica’s style of writing is that she gives you permission to feel. There are some pieces that resonated with me more than others; though I wish they hadn’t. #MeToo is more than a hashtag or millennial movement. My ability to relate should only be considered a gentle nod to a fellow survivor. For I think it is an extreme disservice to claim complete identification with anyone’s unfortunate happenstance. As much as we are different we are the same. As much as we are the same we are intricately different…and there is strength in that.

More than anything; it is a fine line that must be honored.

I honor you Jessica Saunders and every Jessica Saunders that has yet to find her voice.

Recommended by an extremely supportive and seasoned poet in the Instagram Writing community, Cheryl Schilling; I couldn’t wait to learn more about Jessica!

Jessica speaks…

My book Second Chances, is a piece of me within each page. It’s a novel based on a journey of a sexual assault, vile romance, romance, heart break, need of self-love, fighting depression and anxiety. Courage of self-determination and development as a woman to grow and become a better person for oneself.

Three part series to come.

This book leads into Love Notes, which describes a real romantic relationship of complex and raw, passionate love in various areas.

e speaks…

I can really hear your heart in your description of Second Chances. What gave you the courage to write your book and see it through to completion?

Jessica speaks…

When writing my book Second Chances, I must say, I fell through the cracks of courage more than once. Truly, what helped me see it through completion was the chance to reach out to people, let them know through all various aspects of life no matter what happens, they’re not alone.

Women, like men, keep a lot to themselves and keep secrets from even their closest friends and loved ones. This book takes you from what women feel are their possible lowest ends and let’s you see through a possibility of a new life. Give others courage to stand up for themselves and face society on multiple levels.

e speaks…

Is there a brief excerpt that resonates with you and why?

Jessica speaks…

My life is on these pages but if I had to pick one excerpt it would be page 267, “My entire life all I’ve heard is, to stay pretty and remind strong. As if women like me weren’t supposed to read books and conquer mountains.”.

This piece has always been one of my favorites because I find unwavering truth behind the words women hear daily. Women, still fight for their rights to be identified as intelligent and self-sufficient without a partner. Our body image and partner is irrelevant to our capabilities and I hope women will seek their innermost desires and achieve their goals and dreams.

e speaks…

I love the idea of a three part series for the novel! Any advice for new writers on how to know when to consider a series in lieu of “saying it all in one breath”?

Jessica speaks…

If I could speak out to any writers, I would tell them I cannot give you the best advice as I am still improving and growing. There is no right or wrong way and if you have a passion or a story you believe someone should know, put it out there and don’t give up on it!

Thank you Jessica for stopping by!

You can email Jessica to learn more or read more of her stunning work by visiting her website.

Thank you for being here!


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