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Paying it Forward: Soul 2 Soul (The Experience)



S.O.U.L Literary Magazine has brought me so much joy for so many reasons first and foremost I have connected with some of the most gifted individuals locally and believe it or not globally. With the release of the fifth issue recently I decided to do something a bit differently I wanted to ask the women and men who willingly trust me with their most private thoughts, insecurities, fears and joy. I wanted to know exactly how this experience has impacted their lives if at all. I truly believe what I am creating is my Pay it forward to my fellow writer’s and and their gift. Here’s what two of the four women had to say about submitting to a publication like SOUL and what the experience has done for them as authors, writers, and poets. Enjoy reading the responses of Ericka Arthur & Nyikia Nixon!



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  1. Wow, you look Beautiful Ericka congratulations.

    On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 8:34 PM, authenticitee speaks wrote:

    > e posted: “HUMBLED TO BE FEATURED IN THIS ARTICLE!![image: 💫]e” >


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