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“My name is Jessica Saunders, everything Libra, financial educator and author.

I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and raised by women.”

e speaks…

And that’s when my world expanded into something even more beautiful. I began to scroll through Jessica’s Instagram timeline and found myself laced throughout her pieces. She encompasses power, ingenuity and all things woman. And her words…her words stir the reader to do the same.

I think my favorite take away from Jessica’s style of writing is that she gives you permission to feel. There are some pieces that resonated with me more than others; though I wish they hadn’t. #MeToo is more than a hashtag or millennial movement. My ability to relate should only be considered a gentle nod to a fellow survivor. For I think it is an extreme disservice to claim complete identification with anyone’s unfortunate happenstance. As much as we are different we are the same. As much as we are the same we are intricately different…and there is strength in that.

More than anything; it is a fine line that must be honored.

I honor you Jessica Saunders and every Jessica Saunders that has yet to find her voice.

Recommended by an extremely supportive and seasoned poet in the Instagram Writing community, Cheryl Schilling; I couldn’t wait to learn more about Jessica!

Jessica speaks…

My book Second Chances, is a piece of me within each page. It’s a novel based on a journey of a sexual assault, vile romance, romance, heart break, need of self-love, fighting depression and anxiety. Courage of self-determination and development as a woman to grow and become a better person for oneself.

Three part series to come.

This book leads into Love Notes, which describes a real romantic relationship of complex and raw, passionate love in various areas.

e speaks…

I can really hear your heart in your description of Second Chances. What gave you the courage to write your book and see it through to completion?

Jessica speaks…

When writing my book Second Chances, I must say, I fell through the cracks of courage more than once. Truly, what helped me see it through completion was the chance to reach out to people, let them know through all various aspects of life no matter what happens, they’re not alone.

Women, like men, keep a lot to themselves and keep secrets from even their closest friends and loved ones. This book takes you from what women feel are their possible lowest ends and let’s you see through a possibility of a new life. Give others courage to stand up for themselves and face society on multiple levels.

e speaks…

Is there a brief excerpt that resonates with you and why?

Jessica speaks…

My life is on these pages but if I had to pick one excerpt it would be page 267, “My entire life all I’ve heard is, to stay pretty and remind strong. As if women like me weren’t supposed to read books and conquer mountains.”.

This piece has always been one of my favorites because I find unwavering truth behind the words women hear daily. Women, still fight for their rights to be identified as intelligent and self-sufficient without a partner. Our body image and partner is irrelevant to our capabilities and I hope women will seek their innermost desires and achieve their goals and dreams.

e speaks…

I love the idea of a three part series for the novel! Any advice for new writers on how to know when to consider a series in lieu of “saying it all in one breath”?

Jessica speaks…

If I could speak out to any writers, I would tell them I cannot give you the best advice as I am still improving and growing. There is no right or wrong way and if you have a passion or a story you believe someone should know, put it out there and don’t give up on it!

Thank you Jessica for stopping by!

You can email Jessica to learn more or read more of her stunning work by visiting her website.

Thank you for being here!


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