More than a gift to the Instagram Writing Community, Quinn B. Jones is an asset to humanity in a myriad of ways. There can be a staunch difference between what we write and what we choose to share as writers. But there is something to be said about the seasoned pen. It speaks; even when wisdom woos it to rest. Quinn however, has mastered the art of pause and press play. His writing is served to all but best appreciated by the palate of the insightful.

Quinn speaks…

I started writing poetry at the age of 14 when I found a poem that was actually addressed to someone else on my desk in my workshop class. I took the poem home and actually memorized it. I’m 42 now and poetry has become a stable in my life. Writing has pulled me out of my darkest nights and settled my heart, mind, and soul. The writing that I do now comes from a very personal place. Seeing what people go through in their daily life has made its way into my art and I draw inspiration from that. Also just an everyday conversation can be just the spark you need to create. With that being said I am a sponge of life and I return all of it to the world in my poems.

e speaks…

I am a huge fan of your writing. I love your range!

“Writing has pulled me out of my darkest nights and settled my heart, mind, and soul”. Tell me more about this. And what would you say to someone who has not yet  found that thing to pull them out of their darkest nights?

What are two of your favorite pieces that you’ve written and why?

Quinn speaks…

I am a huge fan of your writing as well. Many blessings and continued inspiration for you and all that you touch.

The first is because it speaks to the strength of all women. The woman who knows that in a heartbeat she can stop time just by walking into a room, and for a man to recognize that is seeing his own power being sucked out of him cause no matter how powerful that man is he is not stopping that foward progress of any woman.

The second poem is more of a story that shows death and the many reactions to it but from the side of the person that is gone…rather it be suicide or natural, those topics have to be brought to light. Also seeing how much hurt one can cause by thinking “If I wasn’t here”…Im here to say if you don’t want you here, I want you here, so please live for me.

e speaks…

Have you considered writing an autobiography? You strike me as a writer with so much more to say…

Quinn speaks…

I have alot to say, but I want it to be able to get the attention of people who really need it. I didn’t have anyone at certain times in my life who understood me and I want to let everyone know that they can hold my hand in and at anytime.

I am working on a Poetry autobiography…it will be called “1976” for the year I was born. It’s going to be very personal and dig up many things that I need to get out and actually see from a different view myself.

e speaks…

A perfect gentleman from day one; I have great respect for you and admire the way you carry yourself online. As an African American woman I salute you as an African American man of excellence! Do you feel there is a greater sense of responsibility? Has it ever crossed your mind?

Quinn speaks…

Being an African American writer crosses my mind with every word that I write down. I will forever be know as a writer but because America has to put a title with every single thing to make sure lines don’t get blurred or their history doesn’t get trampled I will also go down as an African-American Writer. But there is a silver lining in that…I used to did not see it. That silver lining gives me the privilege to stand with some of the greatest writers that are African-American…Maya Angelou, W. E. B Du Bois, James Baldwin, Octavia Butler, Counted Cullen, Ta-Nehisi Coates, to let me know I’m not on this stage alone it’s beautiful to be reminded of such strength in a time when all they think we can do is be criminals. But my writing(s) include everyone, we all cry, we all have emotion and we all have a heart. Even if I’m never on that plateau of those greats I guarantee that I’ve inspired at one person.

e speaks…

I was talking to another writer about the beauty of community and how important it is to have support. Tell me a little bit about your support network and how the role it’s played in your life; both personally and professionally as an author.

Quinn speaks…

There is nothing greater than community it’s bonds and binds like a glue. Community keeps you writing. From a personal aspect it gives you and your art life. There are days when you can read my poetry and know that I’m arguing with someone or that me and my wife just made love or that I am going through a personal feeling of a rush of emotions. All of that is encompassed in my art, you may have to read between the lines a couple of times but trust me…it’s there.

As far as professionally, everyone keeps me on my toes. To seeing where these words, My words can take not only me but people that I see I can help make it to the next level. I get excited when I see a new writer come to Instagram and they have that fire to lead a whole new generation of writers, creatives, and artist.

e speaks…

I follow both of your Instagram pages and the content and formats are completely different on each. You seem to be a limitless reservoir of words Quinn! What influenced your decision to create another poetry account?

Quinn speaks…

The funny thing about that is my first account is on my tablet. Now my job at the time didn’t have great WiFi so I was stuck  with writing all these ideas but just as you said it was completely different from what I was sharing on my tablet. I get the grand idea to make one on my phone. I thought that not a single person would even think about liking let alone reading even more of my poetry but here we are two trivia pages of art one that is great in exposure and another that is great at being personal. But it is not because of me at all. As I said I’m not up here alone.

e speaks…

Absolute perfection Quinn thank you for being here! Thou rockest!! If you want to see and support more of Quinn’s work, his books (The Angel Room, Opal Remains and The Chronicles of Hurt) are available on Amazon!


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