Happy 21st Anniversary Husband

Together for 25 years and married for 21 years today…I can honestly say I see love and marriage so much differently than when we first exchanged vows. It was a much simpler time and WAY before cell phones and social media either ruined lives or as some would dare say expose them for what they really were😉!

This was taken in the Summer of ’94 when we had been “talking” for a couple of months and he had asked me to be his girl.

We get asked ALL the time for relationship advice but marriage is not the type of test you can study for! You can’t copy off someone else’s paper in this thing called love and commitment. Every relationship & household is different…so you must do what works for YOU!!

I’m rarely online anymore. Not sure when that will change. But since I have been doing a ton of posting on my personal page in honor of our children’s musical accomplishments in the past 24 hours….

there was no way I could let this night go by without acknowledging our wedding anniversary!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who hit us up – I didn’t realize so many remembered. Soooo very thoughtful! And as I ALWAYS say, “Love – been hurt by it, been healed by it. I STILL believe in LOVE”!

New here? Welcome new faces! Thank you so much for being here…feel free comment below and introduce yourself! Be sure to scroll down to catch up! Perhaps you will find a piece that speaks to you – no matter where you are on this journey called Love 😘💫e

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