It’s been a minute…eh?

A MILLION THANK YOUS to my readers!! I can not believe the incredible amount of interest expressed. Thanks to those still checking for new posts as well as a few new faces! I see YOU!! God bless you and thank you so much for being here. I’m humbled by your kindness and unwavering support.

I wrote a dedication piece to our 17 yr old. daughter months ago. Never finished it. Dozed off in the middle of writing it. Thought I saved it to my drafts because it was sorely incomplete – only to learn that I had accidentally posted it. So nonetheless I deleted that soon after. But just for giggles….here is our first born MIRACLE:

I love her with every ounce of my being.

To be fair – I also have to shout out our second MIRACLE – our 15 yr old. son! He is now in charge of holding the phone during selfies because his growth spurts give him great angles!! LOL! I love him with every ounce of my being.

These pics were taken this past Saturday.

In the middle is one of my best friends and our son’s Godmother Rev. Dionne Bossiere and of course on the end is my daughter!


So way. And I mean waaaaay too much has transpired in the last few months. So instead of boring you with the details – here’s a quick update on the last 21 days.

DAY 21

I am thrilled – no THRILLED to be DONE w/ my #21DayJuicingChallenge TODAY!! Sooooooo to answer a few questions I keep getting:

1- Nope. Not hungry at all. Seriously like by day 3 you’re straight. but yes i missed eating – esp veggie omelettes & the feel of my favorite fork lol

2- Why? I’d been on the “straight & narrow” since my bday (clean eating/working out 6-7 days a week which I still do) to push myself through agonizing hip pain & PTSD triggers.

So when this challenge came up, it was just that. A challenge. Nothing deep. Not a fast, consecration or levitating in the parking lot on my lunch breaks…

3- It was actually a lot of fun. Me & 5 homegirls did it together, 2 of them, including my mom – only did nights & weekends. Doing it w/ others helped me not get bored w/ trying different juice combos.

4- How much weight did i lose? Not really comfortable sharing that ’cause it wasn’t that kind of party.

When I first started exercising again I would lose nothing some weeks. One week I lost 2 stankin’ OUNCES & that ish hurt me to my heart yo! So had to stop worrying about it. ‘Cause it was stressing me.

But obviously my overall health has improved due to the changes I’ve made. Prayerfully that’s enough info to inspire someone!

Special shout out to the sisters who opted not to do the challenge but checked on me a few times a week. Meant a lot. Love YOU!

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