THE HEALED VERSION OF YOU #AuthenticiteeSpeaks


Can you see her? Can you see him? The healed version of you? Truth be told…it’s very difficult at times.

As a believer, I’ve been to dozens of conferences over the years and have heard thousands of sermons. In my online writing community, I’m surrounded by several positive and/or inspirational people. But when fiery darts and or triggers come my way, I have to pull from an internal reservoir of sound thinking.

Most of the time, it’s easier to believe God for someone else’s breakthrough or miracle. It’s easier to cheer for another and send best wishes their way. But what about you? Ever wonder what the healed version of you is like? And why wouldn’t you be deserving of that?

I pray that your fear of dreaming big ceases today. I pray that you begin to believe again that blessings can still come your way!

I see the healed version of you. Healed in your mind, emotions, attitude, actions, reactions, heart, body, soul, finances and sleep pattern.

I see the healed version of you.

Won’t you?

Because of Him,


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  1. Great inspiration, e! Well needed and I so dig it. Remember, iron sharpens iron. I applaud you for sharing the good word and being the encouragement so many of us starve for daily. Love you much!

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