If honest with ourselves we’d say we have had moments where we clocked out. I’ve learned over the years that the key is clocking back in.

The term Mental Health has such a negative connotation and stigma associated with it, that we fail to honor our own humanity by not addressing that facet of our health.
Did you know that even happy occasions and good times can cause eustress? Such as planning for a wedding, starting a new job, or moving into your dream home.

According to Healthline: “Emotionally, eustress can result in positive feelings of contentment, inspiration, motivation, and flow. Psychologically, eustress helps us build our self-efficacy, autonomy, and resilience. Physically, eustress helps us build our body (e.g., through completing a challenging workout).”

Today, on World Mental Health Day, I encourage you to be honest about your nouns. The people, places and/or things in your life. Trace your triggers and treasures. Feel free to share how you cope in a positive way below!

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