Over It #WalterWallace

Google his name if you don’t know who he is….

In case you opted to keep scrolling.

Over it.
As a Woman of Color.
As a BLACK Woman
As a Woman of Faith.
As a Born Again Christian.
As a Mental Health Advocate.
As a Suicide Prevention Advocate.
As a wife to a BLACK Man.
As a mother of a BLACK Young Man.
As a sister to a BLACK Man
As a cousin, niece, Sis in Love, co, worker, neighbor, friend and homegirl of BLACK Men
Lover of BLACK MEN
Dear GOD.
Etc. Etc. Com


Will hold both pen and peace at this time. Walter Wallace’s murder hits to close to home on so many levels. Not just because:

1 – I am familiar with that block.

2- He is the cousin of one of my son’s classmates.

At a loss for words in the natural.

I REFUSE to let hatred, bitterness of any kind harden my heart. ALL are ALWAYS welcome here. This remains a judgment free zone. Love must prevail here. I am not in denial but I am praying woman and…


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  1. dear e, I hear you and recognize your valid reason for that pain. I heard his family talk today. They sounded like very nice people. If I heard correctly one said they were waiting for the video to make a judgment. (My words, my understanding.) That is so “Christian” of them. I agree that one cannot begin praying too soon. I hope justice prevails. If that is the cause of the looting and rioting, however, it seems some do not care to hear of see evidence. I hold his family in high regard. Hope God will be their comfort whatever the outcome legally. In any case they have lost one they loved. Blessings dear e.

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    1. Hi Ms Oneta, I pray you are well sending love & CyberHugs your way. It is such a heartbreaking, multilayered issue with a consistent outcome: people of color are more likely to die in these situations. It saddens me. All of it. From the national guard stationed a few blocks from my home outside a boarded up Rite Aid to the thought about what sparked the outcry.

      I am a strong advocate for a mobile crisis unit being despatched first but I understand that’s not common knowledge for a lot of people. It is my desire to help educate people on their options instead of calling the police if it all possible to diffuse the situation. I will say that one of the thing that really troubles me and is quite scary is if it was not a mentally ill person but perhaps even a person who was disoriented because they were tired after working 3rd shift or someone who was disoriented from medication who was unable to comply.

      My heart is broken for my people but because my heart belongs to the Lord Jesus who I believe is the Christ I am intentional about not ever allowing my heart to harden. This way I can be a vessel and a catalyst to help all.

      I so value our connection in this space throughout the years Ms. Oneta. Thank you for your kindness & prayers. Please be safe – my best to you and yours💫e


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