WORD ON THE STREET IS…”They Don’t Deserve a Backstage Pass”

   Dear Beloved, I know you’re smitten. This crush is deep. I see the way you look at them. You can hardly concentrate and the greatest wordsmith could never craft a piece to describe your feelings. Word on the street though is, “they don’t deserve a backstage pass“.  Oh and the one you keep sharing […]

WORD ON THE STREET IS… “You Don’t Look Like What You’ve Been Through”

Dear Beloved, I didn’t mean to startle you when I walked in on you adjusting your clothes. The way you stared into the mirror was so intense, it made me feel like you were looking for something long gone. Just wanted you to know that the word on the street is, “you don’t look like […]

WORD ON THE STREET IS…”Love Shouldn’t Hurt” *Trigger Warning*

   Dear Beloved, How are you. No. Really. How are you? I’m writing because you told me not to call the house anymore. That it wasn’t safe. And this random P.O. Box that you’re using in an unfamiliar zip code, says more than any word you’ve not spoken. Word on the street is “love shouldn’t […]