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I’M A PRODUCT OF | #Poetry

I’M A PRODUCT OF From Mother’s breast To Purity’s Treasure Chest  To accepting a Love That was nailed to the cross “How archaic!” smug tongues Jeer at my belief.  Fast forward to life’s  gruesome discoveries  Unreturned phone calls Unanswered texts And let’s not forget  DMs blatantly ignored  though clearly seen. Broken promises  Forbidden inspiration  Yielding […]


THEIR UNMUTED SOUND The saints were quiet  when I needed to  hear them the most.  Judgement preceded discernment.  Prayers an illusion. Their presence – ghost.  But it was those who  rarely or never darkened  church doors whose faith was strong.  They’re the ones  who came looking for  me, when I shouted “present” during attendance  discerning […]