JUNETEENTH I didn’t learn about Juneteenth until I was taught…but I didn’t learn about it in school. It wasn’t until June 2012 when my then TX coworker Melanie Braddy-Skipper of Lena’s Delight Catering & Events, (who can cook her entire face off by the way) asked me if I was interested in the Juneteenth potluck. […]

THIS LOVE THANG IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ME | Valentine’s Day | Musings & Witticisms

Valentine’s Day was a day I hated to see headed my way LOL! It was so bad Honey even the 😍😘❤️ emoticons were triggers ok?! Wait – for YEARS! When I first started my IG page I had only been blogging for less than a year; so between poetry collaboration requests and dudes who didn’t […]

ON MY WORD * Celebrating 3 Years Of Blogging • Share Your Link! #AuthenticiteeSpeaks

When I uploaded my first post on WordPress three years ago today, I had no idea what I was getting into… I’m certainly grateful for what blogging has taught me and (now) excited (again) about the potential it holds but “for real for real“? I’m still winging it. See….Authenticitee Speaks has morphed into a public […]