I’ve been quiet. Very quiet.  Love poems have been my therapeutic weapon of choice on Instagram and I’ve been writing with a fierce vengeance. See I’ve been circling this space called for some time now, looking for a place to land. Taxiing if you will; just like the airplane I was on. There’s a different, […]


   Very few will love the you behind the you… If and when you find that, treasure it.  Don’t ever take for granted one who is willing, to embrace that which you have discarded.  I see beauty in you today. The real you. I speak life to everything in your invisible realm. Yes. Your dry […]


   BEHIND THE MASK Do you remember? All that advice I gave? Sincere, highly sought and at times unsolicited. I had all the answers when it wasn’t my turn. When my rhythm was real good and real right.  Then immersed in & numbed by maladaptive coping mechanisms I was wooed into cataclysmic, organic, orgasmic, climatic […]

Dad, Meet My Husband, Kevin Arthur | #TheRootSalutesBlackFathers

Dad, Meet My Husband, Kevin Arthur I dedicate this Father’s Day piece to my husband of over 17 years, Kevin Arthur.   Disclaimer Being married or in a relationship does not always display rose petals on silk sheets and fireworks above huddled hearts. There are times when times are inexplicably tough. Be it external trauma, […]