Struggles and Stability

This piece below was written by fellow blogger Staci and it really spoke to me. I could feel it feeding me. And so I share healing as it finds me…there is no other way.

Be healed…e

A God Colored Girl in a Grey World

“I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise”.
Way back about 18 years ago (more or less) someone told me that the struggles I was going through were necessary for my growth. In order to be stable and have a firm foundation, I needed to go through them. At the time I hated it. I was an emotional wreck, constantly questioning myself, my thoughts, my faith, my feelings… I used to be run by my feelings, but have since learned that life can’t be lived that way. Oftentimes feelings blind and deceive.
I recently came upon the above quote in the book of Isaiah. it speaks of the rebuilding of a city with precious stones, such as stones of turquoise. Turquoise has been known to symbolize wholeness, spiritual grounding and emotional balance.
I believe my friend was right. I’ve gone through a lot, but it really has served me well…

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***TRIGGER WARNING*** THAT WASN'T LOVE Dear Journal, I didn't know it was a trigger until it demobilized me. Thoughts of doubt, insecurity, shame and feeling unwanted chased me down the hallways of my already cluttered mind. I didn't know it wasn't love because I never thought about it not being Love. It was just...yeah.  Fast [...]


​​ Uncut Video Below: Be encouraged & PLEASE encourage another!!! Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mommy! Thank you for your incredible support of every facet of who I am, strive to be and never want to be again! ​ WHEN MOTHER'S DAY ISN'T SO HAPPY Background song via B Slade - God Has Not [...]

This Is Not My Brooklyn this?! This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite vintage pieces written by Vanessa Martir. I remember when it was a featured piece on WordPress a couple of years ago!

As a native New Yorker…born and reared in Brooklyn it speaks to me on so many levels.

So SURPRISE this one is for you MOMMY!

Yep…my MOMMY reads EVERY single post and then emails me about it. From my grown woman poetry to every interview or featured poet. (My parents were also born and reared in Brooklyn and Bushwick is where my late Dad is buried).

So MOMMY meet Vanessa…she is fire personified. Just like you…my FIRST Shero. Happy early Mother’s Day! I love you and miss you with my every thing.

(Insert nickname only you can call me)

Everyone else…. ENJOY!

Vanessa Martir's Blog

I say, “I’m from Brooklyn” like there’s a grenade exploding from my mouth.

I walk different after saying it. My step is a little harder, my shoulders more square, nose held higher in the air. It’s a momentary self-assuredness that follows me for a spell.

I feel it rise into my jaw when I see her approach across the water as I’m crossing the Williamsburg Bridge; when the train doors close on First Avenue and the L snakes under the East River.

The thing is, the Brooklyn I’m from isn’t the Brooklyn of today. It’s not that funky Brooklyn that I keep in my back pocket in case somebody tries it. (You don’t wanna mess with a girl from 1980s Bushwick.)

My Brooklyn is the Brooklyn of the Domino sugar factory and rubble and crack. Nostalgia can be a confusing thing. It isn’t always for the neat and pristine…

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Yes, You’re a Great Writer, But You Still Need an Editor

Through blogging over the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve met some pretty cool and talented people. Russell J. Fellows? Yeah…he’s one of them. Definitely a recurring theme I hear frequently from the self published indie authors I’ve met. If you budget funds for nothing else…make sure you hire an editor!


Russell J. Fellows

Your a grate riter!

This post is a bit different for me. I don’t normally delve into writing tips on this blog. I’ll tweet great tips I’ve picked up on other sites, but that’s the point. There are a lot of websites and blogs that tackle this.

Sites such as:

And they do an amazing job. There are so many more sites, sites that have taught me a lot about writing. And editing.

Okay, so I need to learn a few more things about editing.

And so we arrive at the point of this blog. I need an editor. You need an editor. No matter how gifted you might be,

You Need An Editor.

Even editors need editors.

Why? Because you can’t edit your own work completely.

Notice I said completely. We can take our writing to higher levels of greatness with…

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Featured Blogger: Kitt O’Malley – Art by Rob Goldstein

WOW!! Sooo THIS happened! You have NO idea how much Kitt O’Malley and Robert Goldstein mean to me! They have been some of the most incredible and encouraging supporters of my blog since its inception.

I have learned so much from them. This interview is powerful because its transparent and informative.

I simply adore them both….e

Kitt O'Malley

Thank you, Robert Goldstein, for featuring me on Art by Rob Goldstein as his November featured blogger. The original interview is posted at: Here I reprint it.

This month’s featured blogger is writer and Mental Health Advocate Kitt O’Malley. In this interview we talk about internalized stigma, learning to accept and taking up the challenge of advocating for change.

Thank you for accepting my invitation Kitt, it’s an honor to have you as November’s featured blogger on Art by Rob Goldstein

Tell the reader a little about where you are from and how that shaped your worldview.

As a child, I moved back and forth overseas (living five years in Saudi Arabia) and between the East and West Coasts. As an adult, I moved back and forth from Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, with one year in Eugene, Oregon and a couple of years in…

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The Children of those who refused to die

Too precious not to share…


Becoming an amateur genealogist was not an endeavor that I was looking to add or cross off of my proverbial bucket list, truth be told I hadn’t given it so much of a second thought.

A little more than 4 years ago I was involved in a severe car accident and crisis of conscience which reminded me that my existence was fleeting and that I was a man wandering, lost to himself.

It was an epiphany of sorts as I slowly came to the realization that the repetition of lifting myself from the confines of my burdens, was not unlike the bodybuilder utilizing free weights in the act of crafting muscle.

In retrospect, I’ve come to find that angst and the assorted travails of life is making me stronger. I am encouraged, but tempered by weariness, knowing that the words from Marvin Gaye’s prescient song, “Trouble Man” would…

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I'm known for giving nicknames and his is "Toronto King". Well deserved I might add. As mentioned before, some of the poets in this series asked to be featured while others were extended an invitation. Dela, a gentleman who is passionate about protecting my poetic voice was immediately supportive of my vision.  See, my connection [...]