WORD ON THE STREET IS…”You’ll Be There Too”

   Adulthood. A bit overrated eh? It seems the socially accepted window of time to run away from home has passed. Though tempted to run and hide or pack up and leave when life deals blow after blow; remember wherever you go, there you will be. Word on the street is, "you'll be there too." [...]


   I AM THRILLED!  YAY!! Today's me born day...and it's a really BIG one!!😂 Super duper HYPE & GRATEFUL I woke up ready to rock not only a brand new day but a brand new year! Muuahh! So glad YOU'RE here too😘 Love you to life🌹e April 14, 2016 -Blessed & Grateful! PS. Birthdays...especially MILESTONE [...]


   Dear Beloved, Me too. I didn't realize I saw myself floating high above the traps and quicksand blowing kisses at my feet. I didn't know that was referred to as  pride. Until BOOM! Until what they were saying manifested in an unraveling like no other! Word on the street is, "It had to happen" [...]

authenticitee Launches New Series: “WORD ON THE STREET IS…”!

   Hello subscribers and readers! Today is the first segment of "Word On The Street Is..." which are bite size notes of encouragement from me to you that you can snack on in between meals! 10/16/15 Dear Amazing, Have I got news for you! Word on the street is, "We're going to get through this!" This week [...]

VINTAGE #poetry

   VINTAGE   You are my inspiration  My only request on the request line My rhythm in full rotation My residual check  That always comes right on time How timeless  rare  classic  vintage  and  signature  you  are... Inhaling your worth I exhale phe·nom·e·nal © Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this [...]

May I?  #poetry

   May I? I'm smiling... Wonder if you really feeling me Or  Just feeling how hard  I'm feeling you... I've not been felt  Without being touched in so long And its been some time since  You've been touched at all May I ? © Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this [...]

💘authenticitee IS 6 mos. old TODAY💘 Your support has been overwhelmingly beautiful…

   authenticitee is 6 mos. old today!  Six months eh? (Yawn) So um yeah, what's the big deal?! (Scrolls Down) Doesn't sound like a long time right? (Likes Post Without Reading)  Well let's see!    If you've ever started a new relationship, venture, business or diet; you know reaching the halfway mark is pretty darn impressive! Better [...]