I’M A PRODUCT OF | #Poetry

I'M A PRODUCT OF From Mother's breast To Purity's Treasure Chest  To accepting a Love That was nailed to the cross "How archaic!" smug tongues Jeer at my belief.  Fast forward to life's  gruesome discoveries  Unreturned phone calls Unanswered texts And let's not forget  DMs blatantly ignored  though clearly seen. Broken promises  Forbidden inspiration  Yielding [...]


SELF SEEN I saw your love On the horizon  Cautious as it Headed my way Soaring on wings Once broken Hovering whole Empowering our  Buried treasure laid Bringing with you A mirror and a mic Reflecting my  Self love anew Unashamed thus  Telling the world  My restored  Fragmented pieces Were just the beginning Of my [...]

NEW INSTAGRAM POET SERIES JAN. 3, 2017! #WriterCrushWednesday

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! SUPER EXCITED!!! Tomorrow is the BIG day! The response has been overwhelming and I even handpicked a few of my CyberSquad favorites that I can't wait for you to meet! If you are just joining me on this journey, I'm a blogger/poet and this series is designed to introduce my blog [...]


LOVE.  I say that word a lot. I was taking a gander at Webster's definition: love ləv/ noun 1. an intense feeling of deep affection. 2. a person or thing that one loves. verb 1. feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone). And then I read the Biblical definition as recorded in 1st [...]


DJ Saxy. Hers was a story I asked to tell months ago; and then life happened to me. Wave after wave of circumstances in unchartered waters crashed against every facet of my being. Every time I tried to open my mouth to gasp for air, drowning waters overtook me. As I began to get my [...]

WORD ON THE STREET IS…”You’ll Be There Too”

   Adulthood. A bit overrated eh? It seems the socially accepted window of time to run away from home has passed. Though tempted to run and hide or pack up and leave when life deals blow after blow; remember wherever you go, there you will be. Word on the street is, "you'll be there too." [...]


   I AM THRILLED!  YAY!! Today's me born day...and it's a really BIG one!!😂 Super duper HYPE & GRATEFUL I woke up ready to rock not only a brand new day but a brand new year! Muuahh! So glad YOU'RE here too😘 Love you to life🌹e April 14, 2016 -Blessed & Grateful! PS. Birthdays...especially MILESTONE [...]


   THREEFOLD CORD Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT) "A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken". Often quoted at weddings in reference to the threefold union between husband and wife, implying God is at the helm; Biblical [...]

PAIN | To Feel Or Not To Feel

   When I was a small child, I made an embarrassing statement in ignorance that I was quickly chastised for. After being taught the definition of the word 'paralyzed'; I soon followed with a wish to be just that. Horrified by my statement, my Mom, a young widow at the time, immediately corrected me. Once [...]


   GOLD BUTTERFLY Said I was prettiest When I was softest While admitting the hurt You inflicted hardened me  I'm a Gold Butterfly Who forgot how to sing You flew away with what You prevented me from being  I'm a Gold Butterfly  Who forgot how to sing I close my eyes  And see my voice [...]